Reduce Stress and be more Productive at Work

Frustrated student

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014

Stress at work is counterproductive apart from the fact that it will eventually ruin your relationships and life. I used to come home to my family so stressed out that I began to think that perhaps the extra income I made was not worth it. I held a commission bearing position but I noticed that other work colleagues in the same situations seemed to be coping far better than I. I came to the conclusion that if I could lighten up I would be more productive. As soon as I did calm down my income increased.
Here are the main things I did to reduce stress at work.
I changed my Attitude towards my work colleagues - I realized I was continually finding fault. Stress made me critical so I calmed down and made an effort to praise good work. I immediately found that I was being complimented in return and I was amazed at how quickly everyday jobs became easier to accomplish and to be more productive.
I made decisions when I felt fresh and relaxed - Making important work related decisions is stressful. I needed to be calm and stress free when I made them. So I made a point of discussing them first thing in the morning. And I stopped trying to dominate or dismiss important issues because I was anxious.
I began to limit the unnecessary jobs I had set for myself - I realized I was spending too much time doing unimportant tasks and stressing over them. I fell into the trap of over extending myself and taking on too much. I thought my boss would be impressed by how hard working I was but in reality my production was being hampered by my imagined work load.
I made time to relax - This made such a difference to my productivity. I made a habit of having quality time together with other staff members. I talked not only about our work related problems but about our collective achievements and progress. I kept this time for positive talk and as a result I found that my stress dissolved.
I asked questions and listen to other staff member's problems - I tried to focus on the other issues in the office. I tried to be less self absorbed in my own job. During meetings I tried not to switch from general office matters to my own. Nothing, I discovered is better for work production than good team work.
I recognized my stress pattern and confronted my condition. Accepting that I had unreasonable stress was half the problem solved. I discussed it with friends, I admitted that it was harming my productivity and I decided on a course of action. I spoke to work colleagues and their attitude became more understanding and helpful.
I accepted that my stressful condition was not everyone else's fault. It was far too easy for me to blame everyone else. It became an indulgence to blame other fellow workers and to feel resentful. I recognized what I was doing and stopped this destructive habit.
I put aside disagreements until the appropriate time - This is a hard one but it is the easiest thing when stressed to be aggressive in response to an issue that you do not agree on. Wait for the right time when you are calm and then bring it up and be calm and assertive.
These were the things that I did about my stress and improved not only my productivity but my job satisfaction tas well. I finally recognized my pattern of irritability, disenchantment with my job and missed opportunities for success.
My advice os to examine your behavior - you will probably come to the conclusion that you have allowed stress to get the upper hand. It is also highly likely that you are prone to anxiety and stress and have not yet learned to manage either.

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