Reaching For Success - How To Increase Your Determination

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Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

Reaching for success is never going to be easy. Have you noticed how often we hear about someone being successful and the media will describe them as suddenly successful - an overnight success. The people concerned might say something like, "It's only taken me 20 years to become an overnight success". When we read their story we usually find they had many set backs and made many mistakes. But they stayed determined to succeed. You will only succeed when you find ways to increase your determination when things get tough.

Decide what you want

One of Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits" is to begin with the end in mind. Decide exactly how you want to finish and exactly what you wish your life to be like when you reach your objective. Whether you have a business or personal ambition, having a clear picture of what you want will help increase your determination when you encounter set backs. It will also determine your actions and how you are going to live your life. The more you remind yourself of what you want and see yourself as having achieved it, the more you will increase your determination.

Decide what you have to do

Reaching for success means there are certain things you will have to do and some will be more important than others. Concentrate on doing the most important tasks first. As you are faced with day-to-day tasks, many will seem to need your immediate attention. That's why you need to keep reviewing your priorities to make sure you are not spending energy in the wrong direction. Get into the practice of working on the most important tasks first. In other words, prioritize your actions so you will be spending your time and energy moving towards your final goal.

Take action

You and you alone will make success possible. You have to take full responsibility for your actions and for the results. You cannot depend on others because many will let you down. Anyway, they are busy reaching for success themselves. Take the actions necessary to get what you want. There is not substitute for taking action. Decide what you need to do now and then do it.

It's not by chance Nike uses the now famous "Just Do it" slogan. Is there anything else that could better define the essence of sporting endeavor? It also defines the essence of life's endeavors. Taking action will increase your determination.

Reaching for success is not for wimps. It sets challenges we would sometimes rather avoid and it will test our resolve. Most of us are not highly driven all of the time. It is natural to become distracted or disheartened or tired of making a constant effort. But if you have a clear picture of the end in mind, focus on the most important actions you must take and follow through with positive action, you will increase your determination to achieve the life you want.

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