Pursuit of Happiness: It's Within You

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


As human beings, we want many things. We want to be rich and we also want to be happy. We all know that we need to work hard to earn wealth and we have to do a lot investment in order to be rich. But, how about happiness? How do we exactly pursue happiness?
They say that it is the highest form of good feelings that make you smile naturally even though nobody told you to do it. You are able to laugh when you remember some things that make you happy. It allows us to think positive and consider many things in an optimistic way. It is the greatest feeling of satisfaction which is incomparable to the pleasure when you see your favourite artist.
You have to dig deeper so that you could find the real blissfulness. Not with the use of material objects. All material objects that exist in this world are all temporary. Of course you think that you're happy but only in that moment. After feeling tired of those things you will seek for another bliss and you will keep on doing it. Until you notice that your heading into another direction and you could feel sorry to yourself by wasting your time, effort and money for nothing.
The reason why this situation occur to somebody because they do not know how much about true self-satisfaction. They thought that material things are the sources of their contentment. For instance, clothes, bags and jewellery. Do you want to have a long term state of happiness? So, how about seeking for good health, love and security? Those are the examples of long and lasting happiness.
If you want another thing, try to read quotes and happy poems. It can help you feel good inside and outside. Perhaps you can do something which you haven't done in your entire life and you give all your best in that challenge. Of course, you feel satisfied with all those effort that you've given.
It's a kind of blissfulness that nobody can do that except you. You don't have to use other people and material things in order to pursue happiness in your life. Sometimes, to pursuit happiness we have to stop looking for something which is too much. We couldn't feel the satisfaction in life if we are too greedy to attain something.
Treasuring what you have found and discovered is one reason to be satisfied. Just hold them tight and keep it within you. If you hear that everyone deserves to be happy, don't believe on it. It's a lie. The simple truth here is everybody deserves to be happy and to make others happy.
Everybody deserves to love and to be loved at the same time. For love and contentment are like butter and bread. They are emotions that only true be appreciated and understood if shared with others. Pure bliss is hard to find as what they have said but actually it's not true.
What makes it difficult is to hold on and treasure them. Some people cannot just feel happy the way others give their kind of happiness. They want more that others can't offer anymore. They become very selfish. When you find whatever or whoever that can make you happy, don't push them away.
Keep them close to your heart and nurture them and maybe you can pursuit happiness through them.

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