Psychic Gifts Or Spiritual Powers From God?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

What does it mean to have psychic gifts? In fact, what exactly is a psychic? Have you ever given it much thought? After all, it has become a rather common thing to discuss.

Perhaps, you or someone you know may have had certain experiences of seeing beyond the so-called normal realm. Those who have not had such experiences may find it rather strange and mysterious.

But, I wonder if we really understand what it means to be psychic. By definition, it is considered to be a transcendental thing of the mind and not necessarily spiritual.

A psychic is thought to be a person who has the ability to perceive things beyond the common sense. Such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy, seeing the dead, and so on.

To place too much emphasis on such things may have little to no meaning at all in your everyday life. For some, it has a great deal of meaning and feels as if it is a show of spiritual prowess. However, that which is of the mind is still a mental thing and not the ultimate reality.

What is vital is to go beyond all psychic phenomenon and discover what spirituality is. That which is psychic is a thing of the mind, which can be distorted and corrupted. To be spiritual is to enter the divine.

So, to go beyond psychic powers and all such things, is of vital importance. It is up to you to see that spirituality is not a thing of the mind. Spirituality transcends mind as thought and stillness.

The superficial stillness of the mind can be cultivated by various means and techniques. That stillness is formulated by effort. It is not the genuine silence that is sacred. It is up to you to discover the sacred silence beyond the space of thought.

Actually, you may develop certain psychic abilities along your spiritual journey. Realize, all such things are by-products and not to be taken out of context. To place unnecessary emphasis on psychical things leads to delusions and not spiritual understanding.

In spirituality, you must transcend the limitations of the mind and all its so-called extrasensory perception. It is not an attempt to deny such a thing but to go beyond it and discover the ultimate reality.

So, we are not concerned with what the religions have said or what new-age people have said over the years. Not even the scientists with their limited views on life and its mysteries. What is important is that you learn to see life clearly for yourself.

Therefore, one who is truly interested in truth does not come about it through any religion, philosophy, or psychic ability. There is nothing for your conscious self to gain.

Instead, through the negation of all your limitations, this unknown truth is then revealed within you. That which awakens within cannot be touched or corrupted by any means whatsoever.

To realize this divine truth, the conscious idea of self must end. All you can do is repose in this eternal nothingness. This is true humility that transcends the mind and all psychic powers. So, it is up to you to awaken to this living mystery, which is beyond all things.

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