Protect Your Children With Amber Alert Gps

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

A parent's greatest fear is losing their child. Now there is a way to help calm that fear. Amber Alert Gps has created a product using the latest in GPS and cellular technology. The heart of the company, which is run by parents for parents, revolves around the President's initiative to protect children and give parents peace of mind.
Amber Alert Gps is the leader in the US child location technology industry. It has been rated a 4 out of 5 as the Editor's Choice by in their new "The Ultimate GPS Child Tracking Buyers's Guide and recently reviewed in's article "A Good Find: GPS to locate the kids".
Here is how it works. A parent's phone call to a GPS unit, located on their child, will return a text within seconds to their cell phone containing the latitude and longitude coordinates of their child's whereabouts, along with a map pinpointing the location of their child.
This innovative technology also provides maps on your Mobile Phone. When you call your GPS to request a location, you will receive a map URL right back on your mobile phone. This will work if you have a Smart phone or an Internet data plan on your mobile phone to view the URL.
You will be able to define a Safe Zone area in your neighborhood, school district or any where you choose and receive an alert when your GPS is carried outside that location. You receive a SOS Button. Teach your child to press the GPS SOS button when they need help and you will immediately receive an alert with their location.
You receive a Speed Alert so you will receive a notification when your GPS surpasses a specific speed and know immediately when your child is in a car. This is great for speeding teenagers!
The Amber Alert GPS units are about the size and look of a pager. It will fit in any pocket, purse, backpack or jacket. It can also be worn as a new wristband model or a new belt unit to make it even easier to place the GPS unit on your child. Visit the website for images of the units.
You may use this device in many other scenarios, such as pet tracking, vehicle tracking, special needs children and seniors, luggage tracking, and more. Only your imagination limits the uses of this amazing and efficient new technology.

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