Prosthetics Can Give You the Freedom You Need to Live an Active Life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


If you find yourself in a position where you need to make a decision about having surgery that will cripple you physically, don't let your vanity stop you from having it. Just because you may need to have a limp removed or a vital area of your body removed, doesn't mean that you can't still look and function just as well as anyone else. Prosthetics can be used to help you regain some of the shape and function you have lost. It doesn't matter if you lost an appendage to surgery or an accident. What matters is what you do to improve the quality of your life.

Even though many people often have to go through some extensive physical therapy before, during, and after they get an artificial limb, you need to remember that everyone's situation is different. It may or may not take you as long or longer to adjust. Regardless of how long it takes you to adjust to using a prosthetic limb, you need to try and stay motivated. Your mood can play a major factor in how well and fast you learn how to use your new appendage. If you are surly, depressed and angry, you may resent having to deal with this situation and be inadvertently sabotaging yourself.

Make sure you have a strong support system everywhere you go. Even though you may want to feel sorry for yourself, don't. Push and challenge yourself so that you can learn how to live in the manner you were accustomed to before you had to have anything removed. Sometimes you may have trouble adjusting due to the type of device you have chosen. Keep in mind that prosthetics vary greatly in their function and capabilities. They also differ in the kind of materials they are constructed of. You may have an easier time with a device that costs a bit more than what you originally chose. Don't choose the cheapest device because you don't really want to be bothered with this situation. Make things easy now so you will be able to come to terms with the situation, so you can accept it and move on.

Prosthetics can make life much easier and enjoyable than you think. If you think that you will be too ashamed to really use one, try imagining how hard your life will be without one. Try to imagine how you will get around without having to constantly rely on someone else to help. If you want to continue to enjoy your freedom and independence, than take your time when you decide to choose an artificial limb. Take advantage of the resources that are available and make your life as normal as possible. If people offer assistance take it if you need it. If you can do it yourself with the use of prosthetics, do it. Don't let your condition stop you from living your life.

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