Professional Values In Business

Dr. Purushothaman
December 13, 2013

Besides an impeccable resume and a right clothing, you can go to interview with a positive attitude. Convey the message that you know the strengths and personal value and that you are the first person you appreciate. A winning attitude attracts the success.

This attitude - a natural fact, not so often met as its extremes. Most often you see people who either are disparaging and accept something less than their value or those who overestimate and too often fail to convince their value.

Before an important meeting check your attitude: you know to appreciate the true value? You may wonder why is better before than after. When the employer see you insecure and too little self - assessment, chances are great to give you less than you could ask. Cheating will happen with your silent consent. You may aware that error, but usually too late to renegotiate.

You do provide resources, skills, experience and know best about what price they should have. It is not the place for false modesty - in business, it can only make bad things. Is not recommended the conceit, which can break like a soap bubble in a first sample of qualities declared, but non-existent.

For an accurate self-assessment is necessary to be as objective about yourself. Start by determining your goals. What I really want to do? Where you want to be over a few years ? What results give you the motivation to make the effort required?

Another recommendation would be to your reviews the values. You're the first person who needs to know what you believe. What are your principles of life over which you could not move? Organizations have different cultures and values, so it would be good to coincide as much as to be able to go to daily tasks.

Last but not least, do a little imagination exercise and try to put on shoes of the employer. If you were him and you need a specialist who would you hire? If so, why? What are your strengths to fill that post?

Also, you can find your weaknesses? If so, it is not appropriate to highlight them in front of others, but with the time to find remedies for their removal or their transformation into something more productive.

Finally, your value is not measured only in money but in professional recognition, but this is already another chapter.

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