Problems of Adolescence

Dr. Purushothaman
September 4, 2013

Most problems of adolescence are due to failure in understanding the anatomical, morphological and psychological changes expected during adolescence. Psychologically, adolescence is such a vulnerable stage that boys/girls of this age are easily carried away by perceptions generated by

Misleading and misguiding parents, teachers, friends, brother/sisters.

Ignorance of elders.

Half - informed or ill-informed friends, brothers, sisters.

Wrongful messages depicted through TV serials, advertisements, films

Publications carrying partially or fully false information.

Such perceptions can be anything in the range of studies, sex, society, married life, career, religion, politics, or any relevant subject.

Every adolescent boy or girl is prone to such exposures - which ultimately are retained as perceptions in their minds to form their behavioural patterns.

The problems of adolescence are classified as

morphological / developmental




Some problems are absolutely unimportant and trivial. They could be easily ignored. But even such problems cause great concern to adolescent people.
Sub Topics

Morphological / Developmental Problems
Psychological Problems
Social Implications

Morphological / Developmental Problems
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over growth of hair or undergrowth of hair

over weight and underweight

skin colour problems

Facial deformities, pimples, etc.

Limb deformities

Abnormal growth of genitals and breasts.

Psychological Problems
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Ignorance about many basic facts leads to psychological problems like

Misconceptions about sexual feelings, sex related issues.

Misconceptions about child birth, reproduction.

Misconceptions about coitus, menstrual cycles.

Fear about sex and sexual issues.

Guilt feeling about sex related issues.

Inferiority / Superiority complex about skin colour, beauty, mental ability and IQ.

Inexplicable perceptions about dress and fashion codes.

Wrong and unrealistic ideologies about friendship and courtship.

Perceptional or communicational or preconceived complications about their teachers and parents.

Attraction towards opposite sex.

Unrealistic and illogical curiosity about sex and sex related issues.

Exceptional vulnerability to suicide psychology.

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Anticipated unemployment and insecurity due to unemployment.

Unwarranted and inexplicable hatredness towards brother / sisters, friends.

Intense closeness with brothers / sisters, friends.

Unpredictable and volatile relationships with friends.

Unrealistic social perceptions about violence, love, sex as influenced by media.

Unusually vulnerable and volatile relations with relatives.

Fear / imagination about married life, life partners.

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Tensions of attending the classes, examinations and tests.

Low IQ feeling.

Fear about failure in examination.

Fear about low score.

Fear and concern about a future career.

Misconceptions about teachers.

Due to many problems faced during adolescence, the boys and girls of the age between 8 - 16 form a separate category by themselves. Their problems are specific to themselves. Most of the problems faced by them are perceptional. By timely and effective guidance - many of their problems could be solved. Some of them may need medical / psychiatric attention. In India, the parents influence their behaviour, thoughts and are in position to solve many problems - if they have positive approach.

Despite all efforts being made by parents, teachers, large number of adolescents face one or many problems. When the problem is aggravated, the parents may take them to doctors. But most of them face minor problems - modifying their behavioural patterns, personality as a whole. The implications of problems in adolescence can be moral or social.
Social Implications
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Future citizen may have a high IQ due to positive thinking and reorientation of their mental resources towards positive personality development.

A section of future population may turn into disgruntled, impatient group of people due to grooming of misconceptions about society, love, law, relations, etc.

Due to wrong educational policies and ever growing unemployment problems - a section of population may turn hostile against the whole society, which breeds and deepens the antisocial activities and perverted thinking.

Many of the wrong perception about sex related problems may lead them to unwanted motherhood, anxiety or illegal termination of pregnancy.

Some problems during adolescence are decisive in building the personalities (positive and negative) - who may or may not utilize the opportunities open to them during their later life.

When teachers, parents, brothers /sisters or any close person has positive dominant personality to effectively guide the adolescent at right time - they turn out to be very useful section of future population.

Imaginary fear, imaginary anxieties and unrealistic expectations as well as host of strong misconceptions may ultimately end up with personalities of negative / perverted thoughts.

In extreme disillusions, tension, wrongful personality and maladjustments - a section of population may have to be psychiatric patients. Psychosis of mild nature may remain untreated and unnoticed. Such people will not do anything useful to the society or their families.

Adolescent being influenced by mass media like electronic media, print media or computer culture - may be guided or misguided by such exposure. When misguided - they are likely to develop negative perception about many social values.

The social implications of adolescent problems are dependent upon social structure. In a country like India - where family ties are strong due to emotional, financial, religious attachments - the gravity of implications are less. But in an individualistic society like US / Europe - where family ties are shallow - the gravity of implications can be far more serious.

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