Principles Of Financial Success

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

If you are a little sharp-eyed, you will observe many examples of people who are successful. It is our obligation to learn from all these examples. There are established principles that anyone who abides by them will experience success. In order to succeed, you must understand the very nature of a principle. Principles are not changed by circumstances. They are not altered with time. Principles are unseen rules that must be obeyed. If you sever a principle, the principle will break you! From today, I want you to understand that success is not an accident. There is a road that leads to failure, and another that leads to success. One of the things that I do in order to succeed is to observe successful people.

Applying principles in your life is not a formula that leads to instantaneous answers. A principle is something you abide by, which in the process of time yields results. Ask any successful person you know whether he attained success overnight. The next time you see Nelson Mandela or Barack Obama, ask them how long it took them to become the presidents of South Africa and U.S.A respectively!

In "Principles Of Financial Success (Part 1), I did say that life is too short not to learn from the mistakes and the success ways of others. Most rich people today have suffered and struggled through many situations in life. But today, they enjoy great financial freedom. Usually, these affluent people came to crossroads and had to take important decisions. Many of the things they did in their early years contributed to their eventual outcome as successful people. It important that we all learn from the examples of those who have gone ahead of us.

Let us now discuss the other principles now.

Principle #6: Becoming accustomed for advancement and progress.
Most successful people once in their life time had to adapt to certain unusual situations in life so to experience the kind of progress we see today. Sometimes, you may have to do without a sumptuous meal or a car for a season so that you can have less bills to pay or have to live in a smaller apartment so that you can save some money to invest in other ventures. It is the poor that always want to impress the outside world at all costs. The rich do no such things.

To be financially independent, analyze the your income and when you realize that it is relatively low, be prepared to adapt to a lower standard of living so that your business could move ahead into fantastic prosperity. What always startles me is that when someone is successful, people detests him all the more. They call him names, say he is pompous, but they never look closely enough to see what is making that person successful. There is no need to amaze anyone with a flashy car or a house. It is not the car that is important, it is the one who is in it and his business that matters!

Principle #7: Having a mentor.
Successful people always have someone who coaches them. The mentors teach these successful people what they have done before, their mistakes and shortcomings as well
as reveal successful business strategies to them. Having a mentor is different from belonging to an association or taking lessons from an institution. Mentors know the
way to success, show others the way and go the way of financial success themselves. They have been through a lot and survived many tests in the world of business. The
rich consult their mentors, when they are starting any business project. Good advice are received from mentors. Because they have been through a lot, they are able to teach you exactly what to do, why you should do what they tell you, how to do what you've been told and when to apply the principles taught. Therefore, you do not experiment things, so to waste your precious time and resources. Life is too short not to learn from the success and mistakes of others.

Principle #8: Staying in touch with tutors and mentors.
In the world of business, one of the secrets of success is to honor both your mentors and tutors until the very end. Some people, when they have been successful, try to attack and fight their mentors who took pains to nurture them to experience financial success. Actions and reactions are equal and opposite. What you do to your mentors shall surely be done to you. Choose to honor, appreciate and stay humble to still learn from them, so to get better and stronger always.

Principle #9: Pay attention to advice.
No one person knows it all. The rich have so many advisers. They have lawyers, architects, engineers, doctors and businessmen who make an immense input into their
lives. There is a mystery about good advice. The one who is advising sees the issues very visibly and uncomplicated. Frequently, the one who is receiving the advice does not believe that things are as simple as that. Have a willing spirit to be able to see when good advice is coming your way. A good advice saves one from making frivolous mistakes and saves time, energy and resources as well as facilitates growth of business and wealth.

Principle #10: Be quick to admit mistakes.
Failure to admit faults is a manifestation of pride and stubbornness. Pride comes before a fall and stubbornness leads to rejection. Most rich people are quick to admit to their mistakes. How quick you admit mistakes, shows the extent of losses you avoid. Mostly, it takes an outsider to point to us what we do wrong, since most at times we are so busy to observe our shortcomings, and even when we do, we see everything perfect.

A mistake is simply a missed action taken. A mistake becomes costly when it is not corrected at the right time. When you refuse to listen to good advice, a time comes when no one will be willing to advise you. You are then just watched as you make silly mistakes and lead yourself to unnecessary destruction. Soften your heart! Stay humble! Listen to good advise and prosper!

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