Positive Thinking

Dr. Purushothaman
September 21, 2013

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Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is simply a mental attitude which will help almost anyone to get rid of life's obstacles and to also help to make their dreams become a reality. You might not be born having a silver spoon, but, thinking positive will assist you to achieve really special results in life. An optimistic thinker only anticipates health, happiness and love. With positive thinking, you can begin great actions and expect outstanding achievements.

All great saints and philosophers have consistently preached positive thinking.

A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.

Positive Thinking is Infectious!

Even though most people around us don't understand this, they are simply influenced by our thoughts and our feelings. Think about it, don't you usually think of hanging out with those with positive thinking attitudes any time you need to share a thought for your business or personal project? You are doing this as you realize that their positive thinking attitude will gear you forward. We instinctively steer clear clear of negative thinkers.

* Thinking right this moment enhances energy and removes energy blocks

* Universe conspires to help you individuals who dare to dream - (Alchemist)

* Be an alchemist of positive thinking mind body soul.

* This inspires, programs and types of conditions every cell in the body to be a

* Live wire positive thinking force.

Can Positive Thinking Be Learned?

The answer is a big fat YES! Thinking positive is a skill that one can learn through regular practice. Yes, possibly you have experienced or are experiencing quite a hard situation that you experienced at this time, but being bitter and angry is not going to help - not at all!

Excellence is not act but a habit.

Cultivating the habit of positive thinking is in fact worth it.

Got Positive Thinking?

Thinking positive is very useful for you! - Seriously, That's not me making this up!

Have you any idea that negative thinking, words and action produces negativity and attitudes? When you see positive thinking as the total waste of time therefore you focus on thinking negative, your system are going to release unhealthy substances right into your blood stream, causing even more negativity and unhappiness. Negative thoughts eliminate your complete energy, which leads to chain reactions, horrible decisions, bad health, disappointments, self hatred, depression and even failure to succeed in life.

You should force the positivity in yourself and have out from this vicious circle.

Positive Thinking - Getting Results

Please know that effective positive thinking does not come by simply repeating a couple of positive affirmations, or simply tell yourself that it is all totally likely to be mighty fine. Thinking positive Is required to be a primary part of your mental attitude. It is definitely not enough to think positivefor only a short while then allowing fear and or lack of belief seep into your thoughts. Cultivating a positive thinking attitude will need some focus on your behalf.

Listed below are a couple of actions and tips that will help you in developing the effectiveness of positive thinking:

Just use positive word in your thoughts and in your speech. Words are very efficient energy. You should utilize words such:

* I can

* It is possible

* It can also be achieved

* Now i'm a lot more than able

* We are born to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.

* I've got many of the powers.I am born in the image of God.

* Be aware and watch yourself. Maintain your Mind Body Soul harmoniously with meditation and adoration for all beings.

* Try your very best to never pay attention to negative thoughts. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Make use of the power of awareness.

* Use words that evoke mental images and feelings of joy,health, wealth and happiness

* Give your self a delicacy by reading an uplifting book (a minimum of one page on a daily basis)., enjoying the music activity you like.

* Read books that inspire you and watch movies that make you laugh. * Success in all the fields is my birth right and that i am blessed to have it

* Smile, laugh, dance wholeheartedly and boost your divine energy

* Breathe in deeply exhale slowly Meditate, understand your being

* Awareness has the divine powers to burn all the negative thinking patterns

* Only focus on feelings of joy, strength and success. You are a spiritual finding yourself in human experience.

* You happen to be traveling on the planet mother earth.

* Celebrate life as it is.

* A word of caution Very high concentration of positive thinking may cause a vanity syndrome.

* Reduce the time you spend reading newspapers and watching the news.

* Always exude confidence - watch your body language.

* Travel the perfect nothing but the very best

* Smile, laugh, dance wholeheartedly and boost your divine energy

* Inhale deeply exhale slowly Meditate, know about your being

* Awareness is the divine power which burns all the fears and negative thinking patterns

* Our life is a dream and vision. Develop the best of both.

* Mind won't distinguish between imagination and reality.

* Imagine and deliberately create positive visuals at heart

* Boost your safe place.Confront the worry as well as the fear is finished

* Change could be the only constant thing in the Universe.

* Manage the modification boldly along with positive thinking mind.

* Most important are the relationships. Our life is a relationship. If relationships are resolved all questions of life are resolved.

* Now-Now-Now become your own companion. Create the optimum relationship using your self

* Love your self - repeat the mantra - I like my self - I adore my self - I love my self- continue. This may lead to positive thinking mind body soul.

Study the art of positive thinking and look toward favorable circumstances and results, despite the fact that your present situation are actually not the way you want them to be. It is simply a matter of time; your mental attitude should go through to affect your life and situations positively.

There is a song - I am getting stronger and stronger every moment - no matter what

Prince Mohan

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