Positive Thinking Phrases – Compelling Phrases To Boost Your Optimism

Dr. Purushothaman
September 20, 2013

Let’s face it. We all want a little credit, even just the tiniest bit of recognition for a new haircut, a fetching sartorial ensemble, or a job well done. But when compliments are lacking, or words of encouragement nonexistent, then positive thinking phrases are the next best thing. Use positive thinking phrases like the ones below and give yourself a friendly pat on the back.

Positive thinking phrases, or positive affirmations, are like mantras you repeat over and over to yourself. Hopefully, by some mystifying subliminal process, the power of these words will be able to condition you to positively influence your way of thinking and as a result, your way of living.

Here are some examples:

Phrase #1: Hey, Gorgeous!

Admit it. Getting complimented for your looks is a wondrous tonic for the ego. So get out of bed, face the mirror and give your ego a boost. Nothing beats a greeting like that first thing in the morning to get you revved up for the stress of the day ahead.

Don’t worry about sounding a bit vain or conceited, as long as you do it in private and out of anyone’s earshot. And when you feel good inside, it’ll reflect on your outer person, making you even more attractive. It won’t be long before others will notice and compliment you as well.

Phrase #2: Yes, I can!

Another variant of this is, “Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it,” as mentioned in the show, Hey Arnold, on Nickelodeon. In order to accomplish something, you must first believe in your heart that you are fully capable of success.

You’ll find that it’s usually the hardest part of any endeavor—mustering enough courage. Without this belief in yourself, you can get easily discouraged and prone to quitting. Have faith. Remember, the only thing that can stop you is yourself.

Phrase #3: Here I am, World, do your worst!

It may sound like you’re inviting bad luck and catastrophe, but what this really means is that you are welcoming life’s challenges with open arms and are willing to bravely take them on.

Like a proud sentinel in a storm, you stand firm against anything flung at you. And no matter how muddied and besieged you emerge from the battle, you emerge nonetheless, ever ready to fight and live another day. Plus, it’s a really cool motto, don’t you think?

Try these positive thinking phrases on for size and get yourself in the mood for life.


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