Positive Thinking Attitude - It's Like A Cash Magnet!

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

Two things will change your future - something you do for yourself, or a lottery win. If you're waiting around for the lottery win, chances are you're going to end up disappointed and broke! Plan B is that positive thinking attitude, because it pretty much guarantees success.

In fact it shouldn't be Plan B at all, it should be Plan A, the number one method for changing your future for the better.

The world does not owe you a living. It certainly isn't going to hand you more money, personal happiness or a sense of fulfillment. What the world will do, is provide those things for you if you will just go out and get them.

It's easy to put obstacles in your way. It's easy to make excuses for not succeeding. It takes a certain determination to get where you want to go. It takes a positive thinking attitude to get past the people who tell you that wealth and all the comforts that come with it aren't for you. It's unfortunate, but other people - even well meaning family and friends - will often try to hold you back.

They'll tell you not to reach too high or you'll be disappointed. They'll say it's background, or skills, or intelligence that gets people ahead. Nonsense. What gets people ahead is a determination to get ahead!

Sure there are some very, very clever rich people and some that were born to money. There are also many that started off dirt poor, many that have second rate educations and even some that have crippling physical disabilities. Deafness and blindness hasn't stopped people getting rich. Henry Ford could barely write - didn't stop him.

If you decide it's what you want, nothing will stop you either.

A positive thinking attitude isn't any more difficult than being miserable! You can choose to look at things as obstacles or you can choose to look at them as building blocks. They are the same challenges - but the way you look at them radically changes how easy they are to overcome. If you think you can't find a solution to something I can absolutely guarantee you will be right. If you think something is impossible, then for you it is.

Guess what, if you think anything is possible... well then what can possibly stop you?

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