Positive Thinking And Emotional Freedom Techniques: A Powerful Combination

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

Are you ready to create tremendous success? Then you won't want to miss these two recommendations. First, access the power of positive thinking. Then add the magic of the Emotional Freedom Techniques. Like so many others, you're likely to be amazed by the benefits you get.

"Tapping" eliminates negative emotions that slow you down on your journey to happiness and the best in life. These boulders on your path present themselves in a variety of forms like anger, stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, guilt, and many more. Whatever the form, the Emotional Freedom Techniques can be amazingly effective.

Tapping is simple to grasp, and the changes frequently occur in minutes. By stimulating points on the body with tapping, EFT helps you to release painful emotions. Think for a moment of the joy of being able to handle the fear of giving a speech, the frustration of driving in a traffic jam, or the stress of showing up late for an important engagement.

Putting together tapping with powerful positive thinking, enjoy even more opportunities!

Five Tremendous Advantages of Positive Thinking

1. Being energized and relaxed. Who doesn't want some relief from stress? It weakens the body and clutters the mind. When under stress, being focused and effective is difficult. But when you look at things positively, you can surprise yourself at how light you can feel as the weight of the world lifts off your back. It may feel like you've tapped into a new reserve of power inside yourself!

2. Improved physical wellbeing. Did you know that positive thinkers actually have longer lives than pessimists? It's a fact! An additional thought: migraines, digestive problems, and backaches are quite commonly related to stress. If you can make a habit of being optimistic, stress can be released, along with numerous physical problems.

3. Improved ability to focus and resourcefulness. The qualities of your thoughts ultimately reflect themselves in your ability to take effective action. If poisonous thoughts cloud your mind, such as thinking "It's impossible", then this is what you will create. But if you feed your mind with uplifting thinking, such as "Anything is possible", then your results will shift accordingly.

4. More self worth. Self-worth is essential to your success. It is an unshakable belief in your abilities, a conviction that you are able to do whatever you decide to do. Positive thinking elevates self-esteem, and helps you value your gifts in uplifting ways.

5. Complete joy. When you wipe away stress and pessimism from your life, what can you create? Joy and a renewed possibility to live to the utmost. This is so much easier. And you reap the fruits of taking control of you life!

Staying Positive with the Emotional Freedom Techniques

Many might be asking, "How can I hold onto an optimistic mindset each and every day?" That's a wise line of inquiry, knowing that pessimistic thoughts may quite easily seep into your mind. It is this precise instance when EFT makes magic happen.

As you realize, tapping wipes out many challenging emotions in a short time. A few rounds of EFT can work wonders. Devoting just a few moments to EFT can completely change your day. EFT has transformed the lives of thousands of people all around the world and it may do great things for you.

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