Positive Self Affirmations To Create A Supercharged You

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 20, 2013

The technology of self affirmation is something that has been spawned from the New Age philosophy of affirmation and positive thinking. Positive thinking is the belief that if you bombard yourself with enough positive messages on a daily messages, you will become a better person. In fact, there is nothing really revolutionary about positive self affirmation, it is actually the human technology that allows us to remain positive in a world surrounded by dark and bad news.

With this outlook, we will have new energy and smiling at the world can only force it to smile back at you - sometimes. Affirmation actually came about from long ago, when religion was first introduced and some beliefs practices the daily chanting of positive messages within the followers as well as the people around them. This was believed to create an aura of positive thinking within the religion as well as the surrounding society. There has been no evidence how effective it was, but in simple times, such methods would be very effective. In this day and age, affirmation has taken on a more modern and much more up to date methodology for its application and when talking about the new form of positive affirmation - it is called subliminal CD’s.

The basis of this technology has its fundamentals on affirmation, where it uses messages, positive in nature to persuade the brain to get out of the doldrums and become and new person. But the good thing about this new technology is that it does not require you to repeat positive messages to yourself on a daily basis. This is done for you in the form of an audio CD. But the CD itself has no messages, - well messages that you cannot perceive. The basis of affirmation technology was that if bombarded enough times, you would be able to dull the critical faculties of the brain and allow these messages to pass through and become apart of your subconscious cycle.

Once this happens, it is easier to believe because it becomes trapped within the deep recesses of the mind and will get distributed to all sectors of the brain - enveloping your life. Now, you do not need to see whether or not this will work. Within the subliminal CD are soundtracks that have been engineered and embedded with secret messages (which you are privy to), designed to be heard only in the recesses of the subconscious mind and when this happens, the effectiveness of this multiplies. Once these messages get into the pre conscious mind, you are able to achieve anything. You can release your potential, gain much more ambition, get rid of your addictions, raise your energy levels and change aspects of your character that you are not such a big fan of. You can be a better person just by listening to a CD for less than 20 minutes a day and there is nothing to stop you now that there are variations of the CD available online for easy buying.


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