Positive Attitude And Taking Responsibility For Your Success And Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

"When I'm trusting and being myself as fully as possible, everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously."--Shakti Gawain

Isn't this so true? Think back and recall one of those days when the energy and good vibes was so powerful you could almost literally fly! We've all have days like this; when things just seem to get better and better and you feel happier and happier and your energy soars. If only we could bottle these days, right?

Well you don't need to bottle them. They don't come as a result of luck or circumstance. These sorts of days occur because of your thoughts. That's right! Instead of trying to recapture the day event or time in your life when that memorable day and feeling occurred, why not try to remember the thoughts you repeated to yourself on that day and more importantly the days leading up to it. How did you envision it? Did you see yourself in the perfect outfit that made you feel fill in the blank? Did you day dream about walking into the room or down the aisle or throwing your flowers and laughing with your friends. I would be willing to bet that you spent a huge amount of time planning, thinking about and seeing exactly what you wanted to happen long before the actual magical day occurred. Can you recall and write down 5 times in your life when the above occurred? A special memorable day that was as close to perfect as it gets?

Here is mine:

1. My second wedding (I know, my first wedding was wonderful too but honestly, my mom actually planned it and I was way too young to appreciate the moment.)
2. The birth of my daughter
3. The day I nailed the interview and job for my first new home sales position (I really wanted this position and was determined to not leave the interview without it)
4. My daughter's wedding
5. My granddaughter's birth and the ensuing relationship I have with her.
Is your list similar to mine at all? Now I know what you're thinking; it probably goes something like this - Well sure, that's not rocket science, each of those events required long term planning. Of course they likely turned out right. And to this I say “EXACTLY!”

For each of these events I knew exactly the outcome I wanted.
I spent hours and hours of time thinking about, visualizing or daydreaming what every little detail would look like, feel like and how each fit into the puzzle of my desired outcome.

I was crystal clear about what I wanted and what I would do to make it happen. In those hours and hours of thinking and planning I can assure you I did not think about the "what if's, but I don't or I'm not's. Instead I saw myself in the dress my best friend and I designed and wearing my other friends mother's mink hat slightly cocked over one eye. I saw myself in my big black hat and feather boa cutting my perfect cake while laughing and smiling into the eyes of my new husband. I saw myself glowing with pride as I watched my daughter blossom into the beautiful accomplished woman she is today. I saw myself sitting in front of my future broker who saw me as completely competent and perfectly capable of learning the job, even though I had no new home experience. I saw myself holding my beautiful granddaughter in my arms and becoming the Nini she often calls to ask if I can come over to play.

Positive attitude... you see you actually have the power to control your emotions if you choose to and you do it all the time without even realizing it. Now imagine going about every one of your days in this manner. What would your days and life look like? Will all your days be perfect; probably not? But I can assure you the good days, successes and happy outcomes will far outweigh the bad days.

So how do you go about creating the daily habit of thinking positively? Here are 5 steps to get you started:

What we consistently think about is truly powerful and shapes every aspect of our lives. Take some time to learn about and recognize what you're thinking, why and how is it affecting your outcomes. Understanding how you think is the first step to changing your attitude. Make sure your desire to do so is sincere.

As you become aware of your thought patterns be willing and ready to alter your behaviors.

Think and daydream about the things you want occurring in the most favorable manner. There are often two outcomes pictured in your mind. Always choose to look at the one that most clearly depicts what you want. Be willing to allow that picture to change and expand.

When negative thoughts occur learn to be aware of it and consciously change that thought process to a more positive direction.

Understand that negative thinking is nothing more than a habit. Changing a habit is not difficult but does take time and consistent effort. Don't allow yourself to become discouraged and revert back to your negative patterns. Stay with it and it will soon become your new habit of thinking positively!

You see it really is true... when you believe in yourself and your dreams as fully as possible they really do have a way of falling into place easily, effortlessly and often miraculously and it is the difference in a small safe life and a bigger grander experience!

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