Plan an Active Retired Life

Dr. Purushothaman
August 29, 2013

Are you a month away from retirement? Have you thought of any other retirement plan other than pensions? If not, here is a special one for you. Well, it’s none other than annuities. For availing this stunning scheme, you simply need to draw an agreement with the insurance company so that they can provide you arrangements for earning throughout your entire retirement period. Usually, annuities are provided by insurance agencies through licensed agents. There are professional annuity agents available online from whom you can know your appropriate policies. Nowadays, retirees are going for deferred annuities that can be purchased with a lump sum payment or a sequence of regular payments.

The value of deferred annuities accumulates with the passage of time. This fetches you ample savings for your retirement and brings a sigh of relief for your entire retirement era. This productive scheme works fine in getting your assets escalated. For instance, if you are going for a fixed deferred annuity, you can surely enjoy ample guarantees. For any loss, your insurer will guarantee to cover your expenses. Even you will be guaranteed a minimal return amount along with assured annuity payment factors. Deferred annuities also bag you ample benefits like tax advantages, limitless contributions and safe premiums so that you don’t face any risk in times of economic downturns.

Nowadays, retirees mostly prefer to go for tax deferred annuity. It’s one of the productive retirement schemes where the tax payments are all deferred on your investments till the time you draw the money. To avail a tax deferred annuity, you are required to invest a certain portion of cash over a set period of time. Remember, the time length as well as the actual amount you are going to invest is decided at the time when you purchase the annuity.

Keep in mind that you cannot draw the full amount of tax deferred annuity in one short. Only a certain portion of the amount can be extracted. Your investment will not be subjected to any sort of tax deductions if your tax deferred annuity runs in the lock-in period. This helps in escalating your investment.

If you are heading to opt for tax deferred annuities, you must know that tax deferred annuity is not devoid of tax. It’s simply tax deferred, and the deduction of taxes takes place only when you make withdrawals.

A tax deferred annuity in other words is a perfect choice for senior citizens. It actually serves best for those who have many years to lead prior to retirement. The advantage of this monetary scheme is that the big time interval lets your investments grow higher and higher thereby assuring a happy and independent retired afterlife.

Whatever annuity schemes you are choosing, make sure you do a good research work and then go for the selection. Deferred annuities are certainly beneficial in the sense that they ensure to take care of your finances for your entire lifetime. Be careful while choosing your annuity agent online.

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