Personalized Stress Balls As Giveaways and Gifts

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014


Stress balls are malleable stress-relieving items that are intended to both relieve stress and muscle tension or to exercise the muscles of the hand. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors, and material options, and are often a staple in business or cubicle environments where repetitive stress injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome are common. They are also growing in popularity as an effective promotional tool that can be used as a part of a promotional giveaway or as a gift for business and personal use. Stress is a common part of everyone's life, regardless of your personal specific situation: age, gender, or profession. In this way, an investment in custom-printed stress balls could be an effective way to broaden the scope of your marketing campaign: increasing your target audience and your brand marketability. With all the shapes, sizes, and design options personalized stress balls-known more generically as stress relievers- are a great marketing tool that will make a big impression on customers and clients.
It is often hard to find a promotional product that is not only functional but fun enough to use so that people will keep it with them, thus doubly serving as a memento of your brand or organization. Most promotional products may be useful for a short time after they are handed out, but most of the time are thrown away once they quickly become obsolete. Finding a promotional product that will be as meaningful to consumers as it is to you can make a lasting impact on the longevity of your campaign. Personalized stress balls are great for business settings, anywhere that a computer is being used regularly, or as an item that is just pleasing to use. The various shapes and sizes that are offered can make them great gifts for many different occasions.
Another reason why custom-printed stress balls are a great marketing tool is because they are cheap to mass-produce, while still being made of durable and high-quality materials. This is because the basic components of stress balls, when ordered from a reputable company, are specially designed to withstand the wear and tear of flexing hand muscles. These are the same materials used in large-scale foaming or shock absorption processes, so when they are used in small quantities as a stress reliever the price is relatively low. Choosing personalized stress balls, as an affordable promotional item is an easy way to make sure your brand name will be spread directly to consumers, without paying the exorbitant fees of television or radio commercials. They are also small and discrete enough for easy shipping, making them ideal for a marketing platform that rests on a series of events or different base locations.
With so many options for promotional items nowadays, it is hard to know which one will work the best for your needs. You have to take into account what your audience is looking for, and how well your brand will be displayed. Custom printed stress balls offer the security of knowing your logo will be seen and your brand interacted with.

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