Personality Development By Virtual Perception.

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Dreams are like a maze that shows where you will find a treasure. You have to learn the language dream to discover that all the dream images and everything fits the dream fits. In the maze of confusion will be like a map of your area. Dreams give you the symbolic messages that are important for the development of your personality. Consists of wealth will find wisdom, peace and joy. However, since you have to fight against the wild side of your personality development has many traps along the road.

For example, you have a weird dream where you find yourself talking to many people who do not know when suddenly a lot of aliens from another planet, capturing all of you.

Then note that there is a secret underground passage there. You can find it and you manage to walk down some stairs in the hinterland. However, I can not find a way to move forward, and you remain confined underground. Suddenly, you see a turtle slowly starts walking towards a dark tunnel. You see the light at the end of a long tunnel. You decide to follow the turtle, though the trip was delayed until the end of the path and out. At this moment you wake.

This dream has an important meaning. He explained to you that:
- There are many parts of your personality that you are unaware of (people talk about you do not know).

- The wild side of your conscience is trying to control their behavior (aliens from another planet, everything of prisoner).

- You know that there is salvation, remembering to translate the meaning of your dreams (remember the secret passage).

When analyzing the underground roots of the absurd behavior is attributed to the effects of anti-conscience wild personality.

- There are too many things for themselves ignored or do not know the first place. It must therefore remain on the ground, without returning to the surface consciousness. Should carefully examine the contents of the hidden wild yourself, as this part of your personality is very dangerous (in a dark tunnel shows the hidden dangers in their route, and slug shows patience.)

You must be as patient as a turtle. When a patient needs to know everything because really good for.

- You will find truth in the end (light at the end of the tunnel).

The dream clearly reflects your psychological self-analysis to analyze the meaning of your dreams.

Personal development through the dream is the removal of all the negative parts of your personality. At the same time building his wisdom and all their hidden abilities. Can become an educated and confident person who is never led by hatred, and who never makes mistakes. Always seek the truth, and you will always succeed.


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