Permanently Cure Social Anxiety Disorder Using This Tried And Tested Method

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

When ever discussing ways in which to cure social anxiety disorder, it is assistive to understand precisely what the problem is, when it occurs and ways in which the sufferer deals with it.
Social anxiety is a condition in which an individual goes through tremendous stress and anxiety in occasions when they may possibly be looked at and criticised. The anxiety may further be anticipatory when the person worries too much at the idea of venturing out for a meal or somewhere else where they feel they might turn out to be observed and criticised.
The individual is totally aware that the anxiety is not rational but unfortunately has little or no control over it. Although the individual can go through many of the typical symptoms of anxiety, blushing and trembling are extremely common and unsettling. Lamentably, quite a few people drink booze to help them manage in these kinds of unsettling scenarios and alcohol abuse is far more widespread in social anxiety compared to any other anxiety disorders. When seeking to cure social anxiety disorder, the alcohol abuse also needs to be monitored.
The most common way a person deals with their problem is to keep clear of any event expected to make them uncomfortable. This is one of the areas of the condition which treatment methods to cure social anxiety is focused on.
The traditional mainstay of treatment to is psychological and comprises of social proficiency training, relaxation guidance, exposure, anxiety management and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Cognitive behavioural therapy is the treatment of choice to cure social anxiety disorder and calls for exposing the sufferer to the feared circumstance together with anxiety management. This can help the individual to face their fear head-on with the assurance that they have support.
The CBT and anxiety management administered to cure social anxiety disorder employs a blend of relaxation training and cognitive solutions to undermine the thoughts that result in the anxiety. At the outset, there should be a meticulous analysis of the problem, accompanied by a formulation of the situation that the person can then challenge day after day.
The end goal when employing this approach to cure social anxiety disorder is to discover just what exactly transpired before the anxiety started, what the person's response was and precisely what their thought processes were.
The participant is then asked to consider and explain a specific situation when they encountered the anxiety in a social environment, and to try to recall exactly what they were thinking about immediately prior to and following the event. This will help to to ascertain a predictable pattern of thinking and responding which the person learns to be aware of and challenge. The counselor encourages and helps the sufferer to expose him or her self to occurrences likely to cause the anxiety. The thoughts, feelings and behavior are then investigated by the psychologist and the person is invited to challenge their negative beliefs and behavior day after day in order to cure social anxiety disorder.
Drugs, such as benzodiazepines, buspirone and beta blockers, could possibly be prescribed that will help numb the physical symptoms of anxiety. It is important to note, however, that medication can not cure anxiety, is can only help to alleviate the symptoms.
A method which is dramatically gaining worldwide popularity as an efficient way to cure social anxiety disorder is the Linden Method. The Linden Method was designed and engineered by Charles Linden who suffered with serious anxiety, including social anxiety, in addition to depression, agoraphobia, obsessive compulsive disorder and panic attacks for several years. He received numerous different kinds of treatments and different therapies through the years but nothing helped him. Consequently, he opted to help himself and within days his disorder started to get better and it wasn't much time before he was totally cured.
The way of thinking behind the Linden Method to cure social anxiety disorder is that there is an inappropriate impulse to a perceived threat in a small part of the brain generally known as the amygdala which leaves the brain on "high alert" and the sufferer in a persistant state of crippling anxiety. The Linden Method is a natural anxiety cure which employs techniques to readjust the amygdala in an effort to return the body and brain to pre-illness levels.

The Linden Method has been found to cure social anxiety disorder in more than one hundred thousand sufferers over the last 12 years.

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