Path of Power: Mind Body and Spirit Connection

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


Beginning the path of inner power can be tricky business. Here is some insight into the mind body and spirit connection.

Mind Body Spirit Connection
There are many personal development options open to the seeker of today but which is best? Let us see how we can walk the path of power and inner growth. Self proclaimed gurus are everywhere, books fill our shelves, and the internet has transported us even more into information overload.

But there is a way through all of this confusion. The road of self growth and personal development is one many choose to take and to benefit from. The confusion is simply due to the quantity of courses, personal development coaches, and seminars on offer.

But you can select the best, and ideal, one for you amid all of this clamoring for your attention. It is a self empowerment problem that can be fixed as many have before you.

Mind Body Spirit Review
The best personal growth program takes all three areas of mind, body, and spirit into account. It gives each equal importance in the growth of the individual.

No one area is more worthy or above the other and this leads to balance, harmony, and a connection between all three essential areas.
The nurturing of mind, body, and spirit in an even manner pays large dividends in personal growth.

Still the choices, in the beginning are many, for example in the new age mind, body, and spirit field weekend retreats are popular but which one is best and how do you select this best one from the many on offer? Here is a suggestion on how to handle this.

The trick is to look behind the social mask presented on sale to arrive at the core of what is being offered in personal development. You do this by placing your attention, and concentration, into your heart center and feel the energy that is there.

This way, by use of your heart energy, you can tell if the personal development course is genuine or not.

There are many times in our lives when we ignored our inner feelings to our great misfortune. Often we have an inner prompting to go a certain way, but listening to the intellect we ignore it, and experience misfortune because we do not listen to our deeper inner knowing.

Our heart center has more information and wisdom that we know.

The intellect is a center of mind power and we use it to interpret the world. Our minds are a mechanism to make sense of the environment. But the mind is not infallible. In fact if we worship our minds above all else this presents a great roadblock to overcome.

The intellect is only one part of our being and its growth needs to be balanced with the body and spirit. Mind development to the neglect of spirit leads to incomplete personal development.

The physical body being a temple for the spirit requires natural food, fresh air, and exercise to keep healthy. Simple as this may sound it is often overlooked in urban living.

Modern living does not develop the inner spirit. To expand our spiritual nature we can develop it by our own efforts. Materialism can only take you so far. It is the spirit journey that takes you the rest of the way.





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