Panic Attacks --Easy Ways to solve your anxiety Problem

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

Many people sadly experience frequent severe anxiety attacks which can culminate in a panic attack. In the case of a panic attack you are suffering from very severe anxiety about events and things you can,t control. Your normal respiration becomes very much gasping and labored. Your heart feels like it is pounding right out of your body. To you it seems as if the whole world is in fact closing in on you and you experience a very powerful need to get away from it. Many people sadly undergo this very unhealthy and scary form of panic attack. We have here a number of good ways of avoiding and eliminating this problem.
Firstly you should talk to someone about your problem. Talk to a buddy,your family members or your medical professional about the problems that are causing your anxiety and be sure to heed their point of view about the reasons for your panic attacks and feelings of anxiety. Many people are considerably better at seeing clearly the problems of other people, and getting the right view of them, than they are at handling their personal problems. You in fact may be able to aid the other person also by talking about their problems and their feelings of anxiety. This is a really good way to get a clearer picture of the causes of the problem as it affects you.
Stay right away from discussions and arguments with other people that could only add to your problems and anxiety. Keep clear of all kinds of annoying situations that could just add to your stress and anxiety problems. If children or family members have some problems of their own, tell them not to discuss them after the dinner hour. Make your evening a peaceful and trouble free period of the day, before bedtime, and concentrate on relaxation and enjoyment.
Be sure to put a smile on your countenance. Even when you do not feel like it, grin. It is really difficult to feel anxious when you smile. In fact it is quite impossible. Just think about anything pleasing and then smile widely.Then you can add a little real laughing to the mix by watching funny comedy movies which really make you laugh heartily. Laugh out loud and long and enjoy the feeling. Laughing stimulates the release of endorphins within your body which remove stress causing hormones that are contributing to your anxiety. Laughing is one of the most powerful anti-anxiety weapons you have.
At all times concern yourself only with today's living. Don't attempt to foretell future difficulties which may never take place and which you can,t do anything about at at the present time. Just live for today and say to yourself quite firmly that you will get rid of problems to come as they arise. Should these problems crop up in your thoughts just get rid of them immediately and absolutely refuse to think about them at all.
Stay completely away from all drinks, foods or medication which contain caffeine. Coffees, some teas, certain types of chocolate and certain medications such as Excedrin contain some quantities of caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and has been proven to result in anxiety and tension. It gives some people a nasty case of "the shakes".
Be sure to eat only good foods and you will feel better. Be sure to eat your veggies, all kinds of fruits and whole grain cereals. Add to this menu some good protein containing foods for example lean meat, fish, soy based foods and lentils. These types of food cause your brain to manufacture serotonin,a hormone, which makes you relax and feel at ease.
Take some brisk exercise daily. Walk briskly, run, ride a bike--anything you like,but do it regularly. This is the very best therapy for an anxiety attack. Remove the problem by exercising strongly. This also causes your body to manufacture endorphins and gets your blood running swiftly to carry them all through your body. This is the very best therapy for that "I just can't breathe" feeling which often comes with an anxiety attack. Just do these few things regularly, on a daily basis, and anxiety attacks will not bother you any more.

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