How to overcome Fear

Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Fear is an emotion, feeling or thought which has got touch of negativity or unpleasantness in it. This feeling always makes you feel frightened of a particular situation. It can make us feel that something bad is going to happen if we do a particular activity. Thus fear can act as a successful stumbling block that prevents us from being successful.
Fear makes us feel uneasy to do any work which needs creation and imagination. If fear consumes us, then we will become successful in making ourselves great failures.
There are many kinds of Fears- Fear for doing anything new, Fear for meeting new people, Fear of seeing a crowd, Fear to travel, Fear for accidents, Fear for losing someone dear and near, Fear to use electronic gadgets, Fear of Water, Fear of heights, Fear of insects, Fear of birds, Fear of Animals, Fear of fire, Fear of being alone and lots more. It is to an extent good to have a feeling of fear in us. But too much of anything can lead to bad effects.

Ill Effects of Fear

• It can prevent us from trying to do a new activity or job in life
• It can create insecurity
• It makes us inactive and inefficient
• Fear can cause digestive problems
• Can cause sweating
• Can raise the heartbeat
• Can cause weakness to the body

How to overcome Fear

• Understand that fear is a factor that causes confusion in your life. So try to ignore the fear factors.
• Find out what are the factors that make you afraid. Go to the roots of the cause
• Concentrate on Now factor. If you start living in ‘The Now’ or the present, then you will be able to release your tension and fright.
• If your fear factor is making you uneasy, then think of nothing else and do any work or concentrate on anything. Go to work or wash your dishes or even clean your room. All you have to do is to just engage yourself.
• Talk to yourself about positivity and whatever is good. This can evoke positive thoughts in you and also helps you to forget about fear
• Talk to your dear and near ones about your fear. This can help you a lot. Talking to some extent can release your fear
• If you find it difficult to talk about your fears to anyone who knows you, then try to find a therapist. The right therapist can help you to understand your fears, your inner thoughts and thus help you in releasing the fear factor which was haunting you for quite some time
• Read books regarding how to get your fear off you. Get motivated by good books and try to develop positive thoughts in you
• If you want to have distraction from a particular fear, just engage yourself in watching a movie. Movies can act as great diversions from fear
• Control your food and have a healthy and balanced diet.
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