Being Emotionally Healthy

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Love with all of your heart.

Enjoy your family

Before acting think twice

Stay positive, hopeful & open.

Change negative self speak.

Have a ‘yes i can’ perspective.

Don’t entertain excuses.

Think absolutely concerning yourself.

Get smitten by your dreams and do not surrender, you're as capable and in as your passion and energy.

Accept your weaknesses likewise as your strengths.

Set cheap goals.

Encourage your ‘can do’ perspective by making an attempt and by encouraging others.

Dignify yourself.

Be your own biggest fan.

Be honest with yourself et al.

Trust yourself; kindle facilitate once you would like it.

Take twenty minutes daily to praise yourself for any price you've got achieved in this day ~ (even if it absolutely was simply obtaining out of bed).

Respect yourself.

Don’t attempt to be somebody else.

Love the distinctive person you're. no-one else is strictly such as you.

Make your own miracles happen by basic cognitive process in yourself.

A small step on a daily basis toward your goals makes large strides within the long haul. Action makes all things happen.

See the funny facet in things and take a look at to not take yourself or stuff too seriously - relish an honest belly laugh and share humor and joy.

Avoid being reactive and impulsive; take hold before you get upset. once you square measure angry & upset (reactive), it’s like giving somebody else the remote to your feelings and language "here, amendment my mood any time you wish!"

Be proactive; suppose before obtaining angry. use positive language and positive thinking and your actions are going to be positive – this puts the management into your own hands.

You are liberated to opt for whichever behavior you wish, no-one else will cause you to feel, suppose or behavior unless you allow them to.

Avoid blaming: individuals, places, and things. power comes from acceptive things as they're. we will solely amendment ourselves ~ no-one else.

Remember, life may be a gift (we do not bear in mind asking for) and that we do not know however long we've (to bit, love, live, produce and evolve) on this wonderful earth. so, why not create the foremost of it.

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