Online Education - A More Viable Option Today

Dr. Purushothaman
November 30, 2013

Virtual schools or online education sites have become a practical option these days. In the past couple of years the Internet has ensured that online education has become a thriving and successful industry. Online education can throw open a wide vista of choices in education and careers. In fact one of the major reasons why a person chooses to take on online learning is that it is so extremely flexible. In spite of the fact that online learning may not be suitable for all people, many people especially those who are working prefer the online studies and there are plenty of universities and colleges that offer varied forms of online learning programmes. Since recent times enrolments to such programmes has gained much popularity and people are beginning to realise the value of an online degree.

There are ‘n’ numbers of reasons why a person chooses online education.

Flexibility and Accessibility
The most significant reason is that online education is far more flexible and the fact that one can carry on their learning from the confines of one’s home or even while on the move. Unlike the conventional mode of learning where one has to attend regular classes at a brick and mortar institution, distance online education students get far more time to complete their course at their pace. Another important feature is that you get personalized attention where the student can communicate simply and comfortably with the instructor and this is not available in the conventional mode

Accessibility is one other reason why people choose online education. The main motto of an online institution is ‘anytime, anywhere’ and one can access classes no matter what time of the day or night one is free. There is no worry of having missed important lectures, because one can always access these again when they are free. This is especially beneficial to working people who would like to enhance their degree to improve their career benefits and earn promotions. In addition courseware is readily available right through the day all year round, making it easier for online students to read lectures, comments and explanations whenever they find time; and one can also access a lot of references on the Internet. Students do not have to purchase any course materials as they can be downloaded from the Internet or they have the option of reading whatever they require directly from the site. This is another saving in terms of cost when you compare students attending regular classes who have to compulsorily buy text books suggested by the institution.

This is also a very important feature of online education programmes. Online courses are in all ways cheaper and more affordable and there are plenty of accredited colleges and universities that offer scholarships and financial help of the financially deprived students.

Online education also helps students getting to people from across the globe through chat rooms that offer the conveniences of carrying on conversations between students from all over the world and this helps students in getting to know a lot of other people beyond the four walls of a regular institution. These sort of informal chats help improve bonding no matter which country a student may be from and they also get the opportunity to listen to comments and ideas put forth by people giving the subject under discussion a whole new dimension that one may never have imagined. Added to this is the fact that everyone gets the opportunity to contribute and learn, whereas in the conventional mode of learning only a few bright ones get all the accolades. Some online schools also offer video lectures, video conferencing and live communication with their instructors and renowned professors.

Instructors and Examination Options
A lot of the good accredited online education centres have guest lecturers and top class professors from across the world taking classes. Further most online programmes allow students to select their own learning and evaluating format that suit their requirements.

Before enrolling for an online form of study students can compare the various online courses and the institutions offering them, though it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. One may have an idea of the course one would like to take up, but tapering down the list can be cumbersome. One of the most important points to bear in mind when selecting an online education centre is, to ensure that it has the requisite accreditation. A degree that is not obtained from an accredited online training institute can be useless especially when seeking employment. There are online colleges that would require the student to attend classes at the campus once in a while, so it would do well for the student to enrol at an institution that is c loser to home so as to avoid missing classes.

It would also be sensible to take into account the schedules of the courses in the college that one plan to enrol into. A student can enrol at a place that offers courses at their pace and convenience, because deadlines definitely have to be met.

In spite of all this there are still a whole lot of people who are rather hesitant and unconvinced about online education and this cold stem from the fact that they are not really aware about the programs or that they do not fully comprehend the advantages of taking on online education. Nevertheless the truth is that online learning can be a lifesaver for those who are hard up for time and are unable to attend regular classes or do not have to funds to go to a regular college. As a result of their preconceived notions regarding this mode of learning they pass up the chance of utilizing this extremely handy means of learning.

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