Old Age Problems

Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

The senior population in Asian nation is ceaselessly increasing and additionally the issues two-faced by these folks are increasing at the same time. The amount of individuals in adulthood homes is consistently increasing and additionally most of the oldsters are currently deciding to measure in adulthood homes instead of living with their kids.

These days these folks face the issues like lack of attention, emotional support and economic assistance from the family etc. Our culture acknowledges the standing of the oldsters as that of God. An ethical duty is placed on the kids to require the care of their folks.

However these days what we have a tendency to be perceptive in our society is that the kids aren't willing to require the care of their folks, they don't wish to pay cash on them, they're treating their folks as aliens, they don't wish to share association associate degree emotional boondocks.

These kids are forgetting that the inspiration of their life is constructed up by the oldsters. They're forgetting their ethical and moral duties towards their folks. This can be thanks to quick life, industrialization, cash oriented minds, inflation etc.

There are various solutions are there for solving all kinds of Old-Age problems

Kids haven't any time to seem once their folks thanks to their busy schedule and as a consequence of this example the elders have gotten neglected. At this age most the folks want some quite support.

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