Off from Stress, In to Meditation!

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014

Have you been suffering from stress? Have you been considering attending a meditation class in your community? Well, you are not alone because these days millions of people all over the world have been looking into doing meditation techniques to fight off stress.

Meditation has been into practice thousands of years ago, whether for religion or simply putting off stress and anxiety, it has been an effective technique to have a better life. Some of the wonderful benefits of meditation are:

• It promotes a good and happy thought. People who have been into meditation find it beneficial to free their minds from clutters--negative thoughts.

• It gives peace of mind. Meditation helps people develop peace of mind especially these days when there are many distractions that causes anxiety, stress and depression.

• It enhances ones creativity since meditation helps a person clear his mind. He would be more aware about other options and techniques on how to do his task better.
However, meditation may not be easy for a newbie. It may also be expensive to join a class in your community. If you desire to try it out for free, do it at home on your own. Here are tips on how to get you started:

• Be consistent. If you want to reap its wonderful benefits, do it on a specific time of the day. Meditation should be part of your daily routine. Perform it at a designated time as part of your biorhythm. Soon your body will adjust to it like the routine of waking up, eating and others.

• Create a space for it. If only ten minutes is available in your time at the moment, be it. Isolate yourself from the outside world and focus on meditation alone.
• Designate a place to meditate. Meditate with some candles, or flowers and any other things that have spiritual significance for you. This is important in creating a space for meditation. It will gather spiritual energies you need to have a calm spirit.

• Have the right posture. Sit straight while you meditate. Use a pillow for back support if desired. Sit cross-legged or on a comfy chair while your feet stand flat on the surface/floor.

• Create a soothing ritual prior to it. Meditate before the break of dawn while everyone is asleep. Choose a spot where to meditate and light some candles. A peaceful surrounding enables a meditative state.

If you wish to have a peaceful mind and promote a happy outlook in life, start with meditation today! Reap the rewards of a worry-free life. It will make you love life more than ever. See and feel the power of a calm mind and body.

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