Obesity And Health Risk

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

Obesity has been connected with heart disease so people are interested in a heart-healthy weight-loss diet. That usually means that they want to stop spending so much time at Hamburger Joes and Fat Fried Chicken. That may be it.

An easy healthy weight loss diet might be to stop eating so much. Just reducing calories fits the bill especially if you limit saturated fats and eliminate all trans fats. Now which foods have trans fast. A rule of thumb is that if it taste good, it has trans fat. Examples are fast foods, baked goods, spreads, dips, frozen foods, breakfast foods, toppings, chips and crackers and candy.

Well, I warned you!

I remember when margarine came out. I said, “Mama, this is just lard!” It was hateful stuff and I would not eat it. It ruined the taste of mother’s homemade bread. At first, you had to add the colorant to make it look like butter. I decided the yellow dye was pure poison too. My wife’s care giver becomes very ill if she eats such dies. (And MSG gives her migraine headaches.)

We didn’t have butter unless my uncle brought us some from his churn which seldom (if ever) happened.

I still hate all margarine brands. The taste is horrible. So I have only one no-trans-fat, no hydrogenated oils, vegetable oil spread made with fat free yogurt. It is called Brummel and Brown and I actually like it. I dislike Better Than Butter even if it is healthier than most margarine and many folks do like it.

Healthy weight loss after pregnancy is a concern for new mothers. They must maintain their strength and be concerned for a nursing baby. So they need a balanced diet of chicken and fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. That is a good diet for anyone but it can be a very boring diet. O.K. So add a small steak occasionally. My dietician says the steak should be the size of a deck of cards or in other words, tiny.

Whoops! No french fries. Well, maybe the baked ones if they were not pre-fried in some horrible fat that you can run your diesel engine on.

Many people set weight loss goals. They want to lose a certain number of pounds by next Friday. I say to eat right and to eat less and to stay away from the good tasting stuff I mentioned before.
Tips on Healthy Weight Loss

Here are some tips for losing weight (I had a Freudian slip here and typed, “losing width):

1. Write down what you eat. I created the Big Fat John Diet which you can probably find with a web search which is to write down what you eat. I mean ever item you eat. Maybe a long list will embarrass you and you will cut back. I have modified that to the Tiny Notebook Diet which is:

2. Purchase one of those 3.25 inch by 4.5 inch notebooks which have 16 lines on each page at the dime store. When you eat, write down what you eat, one food per line: toast, 2 eggs, OJ, ham sand, cola, milk, potato, steak, salad, cake, etc. Only one food on each line and only one page each day.

3. Skip a meal. This is forbidden by diet experts because they say your metabolism will drop and you will surely die or gain more weight. But I don’t want you to die or gain more weight. I just want you to skip a meal by using my Meal Substitution Method. One of my engineering managers use to leave us to eat without him in the executive lunch room or Fat Center. When he gained weight, he just skipped lunch by simply eating an apple. You know what they say about that apple a day. Another way is to do what I do. That is to take a food supplement shake. It is about 90 calories and full of good stuff to keep me from dying of malnutrition.

I hope these dieting tips will get you back on track (I mean the track at your high school). The main thing is to stay away from good tasting foods and especially fats which lead to heart disease, diabetes and who knows what. I would way myself only once a week and measure my waistline at the same time. Keep a record you can show your doctor so that he will say, “Good job!”

I suggest that you stay away from weight loss drugs and over-the-counter stuff. I tried one once and flew to Montana without wings. I flew right back to Wal-Mart and told them what they could do with their poison.

Happy Eating!

Article Source: http://www.streetarticles.com/obesity/obesity-and-health-risk

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