Numerology And Astrology - The Twin Scientific Approach Revealing The Unknown Of Life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

The attraction and popularity of the twin sciences Astrology and Numerology are almost as old as human civilization. From the time the people are able to think and plan, they always expressed interest to know what the future has for them in store. The excitement to explore the future and to discover oneself with the help of Astrology Numerology has grown with the course of time and at present both are extremely popular and relied upon by the majority of the people of our world. The study of these two ancient sciences is based on the planetary movements and their positions in our galaxy and number system. These two important tools of science not only help the mankind to in their quest to explore the unknown that wait for them in the future but provide them with a chance to make necessary changes in some cases to avoid many negative consequences. They also help us to know ourselves better by portraying a character sketch of an individual and his/her interests and wish in life on the basis of choices and the rationality of the concerned individual. Since, both of these two studies have revealed a striking similarity, websites offering Numerology services also provide Astrology help and the vice-versa. Numerology
This is a part of a science that exclusively deals with the names and numbers. The scientific approach is based on the belief that each and every individual is surrounded by the vibration of a number starting from zero to nine. The Numerology number is obtained from the total number of alphabets in the name of an individual and his/her birth date. Each number in the range of zero to nine has its own vibration impact on the life of a person and it could be held immensely responsible for the success and failure of the person. 2013 Numerology predicts that this year is a 6 Universal Year. In brief, the number 6 in numerology reveals the aspects like loving, caring, responsible, warm and this number stands as a compassionate number that directs maximum energy to small, closely-knit family and community of friends. The extensive study and research done by the renowned and celebrated numerologists of the world on Numerology 2013 reveals that each number from zero to nine has its own significance and power of influence in the life of an individual. Astrology

Astrology is a particular element of science that deals with the study of the positions of the stars and planets of our galaxy. To make an Astrologist to peep inside your life, you need to provide the exact time and place of your birth along with the latitude and longitude of the place to make a perfect astrological chart, which we commonly term as a horoscope. After coming across the all necessary information, an Astrologist finds out the positions of the stars and planets at the time of birth of an individual with the use of complex calculations and then prepares the horoscope of the concerned individual. Nowadays, with the advancement in the field of computer technology, it has become extremely simple to find out the location of the planets and stars at any specific time in the past. Due to this advancement in the field of technology, nowadays people enjoy the option to save money and time by visiting websites offering Numerology Astrology services. Some of these sites will provide you with detail horoscope after collecting the requisite information in almost no time and in exchange of very low fee and there are some authentic sites which provide a Free Numerology chart.

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