Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

The patterns of our behavior are taken from our current environment. Not everything is peaceful and pleasing but everything can be improved. In order to keep the balance of our lives, our mind has to be in a stable state. Because our mind controls our action, everything you know can be different in a split of a second. Your simple act of not replying on a conversation can lose you a friend. Your simple ignorance with the law of nature can get our planet destructed. Your simple disrespect for a person can give you an enemy. The pattern of our behavior must cohere with the things that we are dealing with everyday. If not, our progress as a human being will be deferred. The satisfaction of a human person does not only revolve around with the matters of money and success but also in the context of relationship towards others. Expectations of other people are also necessary in building our lives. We can be able to meet other's expectations when our actions are aligned with their expectations. We can only do the best of our actions we are prepared for the worst.
Stress causes an impediment to the continuous cycle of transaction between other human body parts. Once this happens, the productivity of the person will be lesser and the disorientation of the brain will keep a person away from his/her desired success. In this case, people with such dilemmas certainly need help from the expert. The experts that I am talking about are based on your preference and the one that is considered able to expose the guts that is hiding inside you. Most of the times, people have a very low self-esteem are those person who are thinking that they are worthless when they are not. Because they are absorbed with their personal belief of worthlessness, their strength as a person is not unleashed, therefore their life is static as what it used to be. What the NLP can do about it is to feed your mind with the positive outlooks toward life. A man without anything to be happy about is not living at all. Meaning, you can have control on the things that have negative effect on you by devising ways to make the bad things good. No good things happen for a person who sees the flaws in everything. The people who sees delight in negative things can have the time of their life for they can appreciate everything.
In conclusion, a person's patterns of behavior can limit his ability to seek for achievement. A person's patterns of behavior can lose his determination towards his goal. A person's patterns of behavior can make his life static as ever. The patterns of our behavior can determine what we are going to be in the future. If you are feeling that the patterns of your behavior are not pleasing, have a conversation with an expert. Our behavior is a vital component of our humanity. Aside from our appearance, it is the first element of a person that is judged by another.

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