New Copywriting Tips To Grab Visitors Attention

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

There are thousands of excellent products that are being offered on the internet, however many of the people selling these products are not making any money for the simple reason they are not convincing people to buy.

If you have a good product and are getting traffic to your site the one thing you might be overlooking is your sales copy. Just because it is on the net do not think that all the old copywriting secrets don’t apply.

Basically what you write on your site is the equivalent of having a face-to-face salesman presenting your product to your prospect. You have a very short time to convince your visitor that what you have is going to solve their problem. Online copywriting is no different to any other form of professional copywriting. The aim is the same, you want the prospect to take action and buy.
You have a variety of options you can take. You can leave your site as it is and hope someone will buy, you can hire a very good copywriter and pay his fee, or you can learn the art of copywriting and increase your sales dramatically that way.

The first part of your sales page that is going to be noticed is your headline. The headline can make or break your sales page. An ineffective headline means you will lose your visitor within seconds, an excellent headline will grab your reader’s attention and he will read on. However, a good headline will not make the sale on its own.

To start with here are some very simple but effective tips for headlines in your web copy.

# 1 Identify the problem you are going to solve and who your market is.
#2 Write in the language that your targeted market feels comfortable with
#3 Tell them how you can solve their problems, including the benefits to them otherwise you lose your reader.

The first step is to identify the problem that you are trying to solve for your particular market and then identify who your market is. Remember the more you target your market the more effective you will be. Some products at first glance are suitable for everyone but by drilling down you will narrow your actual market and then be able to relate to your chosen market. The more you relate the better you can sell to them
# 2
Now you have worked out who your market is, and what their particular problem is you will be in a better position to write your headline in their language. It is vital that they feel you are writing directly to them, that you are not writing a generic message that is suitable to everyone but no one really identifies with it. Everyone wants to feel it is about them
# 3
Your headline will often take the form of how your product can solve their problem. You know you must identify the problem, write in a style that your chosen market will relate to and feel comfortable with and then you must clearly point out the benefits of your product. What it does for them will make them read on more than anything else. Everyone wants to know the benefits, not the features.
One thing about headlines where people new to copywriting can fall down is by making outrageous claims to get the attention of the reader and then not being in a position to back them up.
The bigger the claim made by your headline is, the more important it is for you to offer proof in your sales copy. An outrageous claim that cannot be backed up is a good way to lose your visitor.
Using these tips in your headline you will improve your copy dramatically. If you want to transform your copywriting skills check out the website below


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