New Book has Scientists needing Anger Management

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

A new book which describes the original, now considered controversial, intent of the founders of Quantum Physics, and thus ‘dismissing’ every current alternative theory, one by one, in typically one swift sentence, has Physicists banging their fists.

Furthermore, the ‘controversial’ subject in question is consciousness, the idea that everything, everywhere, the universe itself, is dependent on consciousness in order to exist at all.

‘I have been receiving a lot of what best can be catalogued as not so friendly email,’ Bray, the author of ‘Eight Years, Four Months – the Relationship Between Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Near Death Experiences, and our Eternal Nature,’ states. ‘The emails in question are coming from other scientists, who’ve devoted a large chunk of their careers to these pet theories for many years, and still have only evidence which refutes their hypothesis to this day. I simply pointed out the exact place where they each fail with no hope of resurrection.’

Bray uses what he calls 7th grade math to describe the details intended by the founders of Quantum Physics to the lay reader, the esoteric notion put forth by such great minds as Schrodinger, Wigner, Heisenberg, Bohr, and others, that ‘what turns absolute pure nothingness, by definition, into this solid reality - is your consciousness.’

Bray argues, ‘The founders of Quantum Physics had every confidence that the next generation of Physicists would carry through to the next step. But the next generation could not figure out what consciousness was, so they came up with wild pet theories to explain consciousness away. The most obvious evidence that this is incorrect is that you are conscious. I have therefore defined consciousness, within all of the acceptable and formal definitions of the founders of Quantum Physics, and wrote it down, in terminology simple enough for anyone to fully comprehend.’

‘For instance,’ Bray states, ‘one Multiple Universe Theory suggests that instead of consciousness selecting reality, these infinite possibilities are realized in an infinite number of alternate unobservable universes, infinite alternate realities, spawning yet further infinite unobservable universes, and so on. The simplest and most famous experiment in physics, the double-slit experiment, requires that in order for this to be true, a piece of Kodak film would have to be able to snap a picture of these infinite unobservable universes as they split off into alternate realities. This is obviously not the case. The theory is a washout.’



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