Negotiating Changing Child Behavior Problems

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Every parent strives to be a good parent and good parenting is all about doing the things that we think are right for our kids. Therefore, managing changing child behaviour with good parenting skills is a necessary parenting step that every parent must take the time to perfect.

Although parental authority must always be maintained, teaching your children how to negotiate is a skill that they can carry with them their whole lives.

However, some may think that bargaining with your child is not an effective parenting technique, but if done correctly, bargaining with your child will not compromise your authority, in fact it will actually strengthen it even more.

Children are more likely to respect parents who show a willingness to listen to their side of an argument and whilst they are living together with you in your home, your children have no choice but to accept your authority. That does not mean that you should not listen to their opinions.

Negotiating with your children creates a win-win situation that benefits both parents and children. By showing your kids that you are approachable and open to their views, opinions, wants and needs, you are teaching your kids a quality that they can adopt for when they eventually reach adolescence.

As a parent of an adolescent teen, you will find that negotiating and bargaining will become your primary behavior management tool. Adolescents are very vocal, not to mention volatile, and they want to be treated as intellectual equals by you, the parent. They want you to listen to their views and respect them, too.

There are many things that we as parents can do to manage to change a child's behavior. Behavior doesn't usually change overnight, though, and behaviour that you think you have quashed may reappear in the future. The only thing is, it will be a little easier to change a second time round.

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