Need Money Today? Positive Thinking Can Work Like Magic!

Dr. Purushothaman
September 20, 2013

Do you need money today? Perhaps you’ve got some really important bills due and you are running short on supply. Perhaps there’s an unexpected emergency and you don’t have anything saved up. Here are some tips that may help you solve your money problem today.

1. Don’t panic. If you need money desperately, panic is the last thing that can solve your problem. Even if you need money today, this is not the occasion to panic. Instead, keep your head and keep it clear. If you control your panic, your mind will be clearer and free so its full potential will be released. Don’t forget, your mind is powerful. If you just allow it to roam freely and clearly, it will be able to conjure up a lot of possible solutions to your desperate money problem.

2. Attract it. Do you know you can simply attract money to you? The law of attraction says so, and this law has proven itself lots of times. That’s actually why so many authors have written books about it.

Money is everywhere around you. It is present in abundant supply. All you have to do is attract it to you. And the best magnet to use is positive thinking. If you act like you’re the most problematic person on earth because of your desperate money needs, you won’t get anywhere. All you’ll do is worry and not be able to think clearly. But if you think positively, you will get the motivation you need to find ways to make money today.

You can attract money today by keeping your mind focused on some subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are powerfully and positively created messages designed to be absorbed by the subconscious mind. They can replace the worry and negative talk that gets accumulated in the subconscious so you can think positively about any situation. Here are some examples of subliminal messages that can help you solve your current money problem.

I attract money and profit today.
I see myself making money today.
I find solutions fast.
I am capable of making money today.

3. Be proactive (and creative). Instead of wallowing and thinking of how you are going to face the consequences in case you don’t find money today, keep a proactive attitude. Be ready to go out there and do something about the problem. There are a lot of creative ways to make money instantly.

For example, why don’t you conjure up an instant garage sale? Most people have lots of unused stuff lying around their houses; you probably have a lot too.

You can also list items on eBay and Craigslist for immediate sale. Who knows, you might just be in luck. If you price well, your items can easily get purchased ASAP.

Check out the”Looking for” ads to see if some people are looking for items you actually have lying around the house. People who post “Looking for” ads usually have money ready and are really looking to buy ASAP.

Do you have antiques or other old valuables? Visit the antique shop and sell them too for some instant cash.


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