Necessary Safety Equipment For The Workplace

Dr. Purushothaman
December 6, 2013

In order to promote safety awareness at the workplace it is essential to have basic safety equipment available at key locations around the premises. By conducting regular health and safety training for your workers they will know how to use the safety equipment during a crisis or emergency situation. The safety equipment should be placed in designated areas which will be handy and easily accessible by all the staff members in your workplace. Below is a list of some of the important safety equipment to keep in your workplace and how they can be utilized in an emergency situation.

An air horn is utilized regularly for Health and Safety Training [], especially when practicing fire drills. It can also be useful if workers are required to evacuate the building in an emergency situation. Air horns can generally be utilized without batteries or electricity. If an air horn is used during health and safety training be sure to order more air horn refill canisters so it can be used during the next fire drill or crisis situation. Health and safety training should cover the meeting points during a fire or evacuation and other procedures to be followed by workers. A megaphone is also just as important to have handy for emergency situations. The megaphone can be used to communicate with a mass amount of people during a fire drill or evacuation. If you have no means of communicating with your staff during a crisis situation workers can panic and cause the situation to become more chaotic than it actually is. By communicating with your staff through a megaphone you can keep them calm and provide them with essential information to keep them out of harm's way till help arrives.

Spill kits should be installed in chemical storage rooms to quickly diffuse the risks involved if a chemical spill were to take place. A spill kit contains materials that will quickly and safely absorb the chemical spill in order to prevent hazard or injury. Hazard warning tape is included so other workers will be warned to stay away from a particular spill zone and not to risk toxic chemical exposure. Chemicals that have been spilled could be extremely flammable or toxic. By having spill kits handy in chemical storage areas you reduce the chance of problems multiplying. Spill kits are designed to clean up oil spills, chemical spills and more. During health and safety training workers who regularly handle chemicals should be given the skills to know how to clean up a chemical spill without endangering themselves or others around them. Safety DVDs are an essential tool that can provide crucial health and safety information about chemical spills and clean ups.

Putting up Safety Posters around the workplace will help enforce the health and safety training conducted. Many employers make the mistake of using safety posters with a lot of small text, not enough images and that are too complex to be read all at once. Safety posters should be easy to understand, have a few simple words and include pictures that help bring the message across. Some of the popular safety posters include familiar cartoons such as The Simpsons. By putting up familiar characters that are presenting the safety information you can be assured that workers will take the time to read them and absorb the safety training provided.

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