Natural Life Change

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

The lack of one's life satisfaction is a common thing nowadays. Every day we see wealthy and successful people and we can't resist asking "How did they make it? Why can't I earn all that money? I'd love to be wealthier to do the things I wish, how do I make it?"

Probably the most common explanation for people is to think that the lack of things they desire in their life is caused by some kind of insufficiency of talent, they think they don't have the abilities, or that they don't know the right people. Very often will they explain it by their fate, or unfavorable circumstances. Such a way of thinking is in fact a vicious circle and will inevitably lead to a great deal of frustration, sadness and depression.

Some will start simply working harder and longer. It will cause them to move forward as hard workers are appreciated. Unfortunately, it's not clear if the pace at which it brings them closer to their dreams is satisfying? And is there any time left for enjoying life anyway? They may expect to have good time when retired, but is there really any guarantee they will keep their lives and good health that long?

No one lives forever. It is an obvious fact, but hardly anyone fully acknowledges it daily. How can we live our lives to the max while we still can and have energy? Some choose to go down the unconventional way of life from the start. They first try to make something great with their lives and put stability and safeness for some later period. But what if someone already has bills to pay and kids to feed?

I got quite depressed, once I fully realized it. In fact I realized two things: I don't live the life of my dreams and I badly want to go out and start having adventures, live of something completely different than I do now. "How can I turn my life around?" I asked myself. "Can I have it all?", "Can I fully enjoying my life while providing for my family?"

To address my concerns I got deep into self-help books. There are lots of opinions and advices, but basically two elements stand out, needed for life change: positive mental attitude and taking action. Positive mental attitude stands for a true belief in yourself and your ability to succeed in anything you undertake. Taking action is fairly self-explanatory and it's nicely shown by a popular success formula: "Think it through then follow through" - one will not achieve anything only by thinking. There is one more, substantial ingredient and that is perseverance. It means that you don't stop at any obstacles, but go forward until you reach your goal.

Easier said than done - that was my conclusion after realizing the above. But that's the point - for anything to have value for us, we have to earn it, otherwise we wouldn't enjoy it so much. Unfortunately, our mind doesn't really like too much challenges. If you have a big goal, a great desire and the work is difficult, you are very likely to encounter dark thoughts, self-doubt, panic - I know it all too well. Our mind has come up with a way around the drag of hard work and all the accompanying psycho-pain, a way that keeps many from undertaking any actions to achieve their goals. Rationalizations, also known as excuses. They allow us to justify our lack of action by any kind of imagined cause, be it weather, not perfect economic conditions or just anything what we enlarge in our thought and allow it to stop us before we even start. Using rationalizations many people can thrive in objectively miserable life state for years, until it seems too late.

Luckily, there can be remedies found, which can help us conquer our stubborn lazy mind and learn to think more constructively. One of them comes in a form of an audio course - The Secret of Deliberate Creation. As the name indicates, it provides information on how to act fully aware on reaching for goals - how to create the reality you want. The basis for this act is the law of attraction. But it's not just common motivational babble. The whole presented process is based in natural laws, like quantum mechanics. What the process of change starts with is synchronizing conscious and subconscious minds of a person in order to act on a truly desired goal. Unless this so called internal alignment is achieved, no true change is possible. Luckily the whole thing is presented in a form consumable for anyone, and its way of work should be easily adaptable for anyone.

Naturally, the process cannot take place of hard work, but it will make it easier for the good thoughts and positive mental attitude to be stable, thus moving you forward at much higher rate. It is always easier to get your act together and make next steps when your mind is clear and your vision is not shaded by any dark thoughts.

More on the subject of using this and other techniques for life transformation, reaching for goals, fighting procrastination, and other subjects alike is covered on Deliberate Creation Secret website. If you feel like you could use some of the presented techniques in your everyday struggle for a better tomorrow, that's the place for you to go.

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