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Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

It is a clear fact that each and every body is affected by the various effects of Stress & Strain due to many reasons. At one end, we will try to avoid the Stressful Situations, but at the other end it is coming to our life in a big way unknowingly and unexpectedly.

Everybody is in search of a method or technique to get relief from stress in life. Sometimes we succeed, but many a times we are unable to manage it effectively. In today’s rat-race of living, it is very, very difficult to attend and adopt a classical Stress Management Program as many of these are time consuming. Most of the time we are unable to practice the classical methods in the busy schedule of modern life. This problem is more common in the younger persons and busy executives and other working classes.

Don’t you think so? Of course, in my case, I have practiced many stress reduction methods and techniques and most of them were failures as I was unable to practise it regularly due to my busy schedule as a practicing Surgeon.
I think that, it is the case with you also.
Do you know what is NAP? (Hyperlink Wiki)
Let us understand that, this is one of the best and easiest method that each and every body can practice every day.

Let us have an overview of the benefits of NAP in reducing daily Stress & Strain .
Scientific studies have revealed that a daily NAP of 10 to 15 minutes at least twice daily is highly beneficial for our health.

Napping even for a short period will definitely produce a better feeling and overall Wellbeing for us. Even though we think that we are drowsy for that short period, it definitely reduces our Stress & Strain in a big way.
Every simple NAP reduces our body metabolism to a greater level and it reduces our hunger feeling and thus contribute a lot in minimizing our food intake. Finally, it certainly contributes to our weight control. Various researches reveal that those persons who practice regularly napping, do not gain much body weight. It may be due to the mental relaxation they obtain during regular napping. Hello! My friend, why can’t you start doing regular napping?

Napping is the best stress reduction tool in life. Studies have shown that intentional napping definitely reduces our stress level in a remarkable way.

Napping cut short the need for stimulants like coffee, tea and the like drinks. In a way it really acts as a substitute for the so called additional intake of various food products.
Napping definitely increases our productivity. It is found that those who regularly practice napping are more productive in their day to day personal and professional life.
Napping changes our mood in a better way. If you regularly practice 5 to 10 minutes of napping three times a day, you can note that you will become more Cool, Calm & more Relaxed. You will definitely notice a change in your attitude and approach to life.

Napping helps us to improve our concentration. Various studies from various research centers from all over the world have confirmed the efficacy of regular naps increases the concentration faculty of persons. Actually nap sharpens our mental faculty of one pointedness.

Napping improves our Precision & Accuracy. As a trial, will you please practice simple napping for 5 to 10 minutes at least once in a day, preferably after your lunch regularly, You will notice the difference. Personally speaking, I do it regularly and I have greatly benefited from that.

Napping will immediately make you feel Better. I am going to give you a simple test. Today at 4 pm, when your colleagues are going for a coffee break, you just sit in your chair and close your eyes and just relax till they come back. Say some excuses to them for not joining them. When they come back, you just open your eyes and start your work. Now you can observe the difference in you. You will really feel that you are more relaxed, refreshed & more active than going for a coffee break outside.

Napping Boosts Memory. Napping is really a memory booster. For example, take any situation where you are unable to remember a thing. You may be stumbling! You may not get the answer. Just take a nap and then you try to recollect the event. Surprisingly, you will get the answer. Yes, please try it.

Napping Increases Sexual Power. Most of the people have problems with their sexual life. The reasons are many, it may be due to physical, mental & emotional problems. Do you know that, day to day stress & strain is one of the major causes of sexual problems in the majority of persons all over the world. Of course, one has to rule out any medical problems. In the absence of any noticeable diseases, day to day Stress & Strain and other Mental & Psychological issues contribute to this great problem. To get freedom from this we seek various methods and solutions and spent a lot of money for that. I am giving you a simple remedy which is totally free and highly effective. Daily practice simple napping 3 times daily for 10 minutes each. The last nap should be 15 before going to bed. Yes, start today, continue regularly. Hi, you will notice the difference in your sex life in the coming days. You may think it is so simple, but understand that simple things always make a great difference in life.

In a nutshell, we can find that napping really enhances our thinking pattern, boost our mental faculties like Concentration & Awareness. Napping, certainly enhances our memory by giving rest to your brain and mind. It enhances overall Creativity & Productivity. It improves our Health & Wellbeing, changes our Lifestyle, improves our Mood, enhances our Productivity, improves our skills and technical know how. Regular napping reduces our blood pressure and helps us to get freedom from heart disease and stroke. It reduces our blood sugar levels, it gives us sound sleep in the night.

To put in another way, Napping is the best Stress Reducer and it is a Panacea & Elixir for all of us. Let us understand that napping is the easiest thing that we can practice very easily and effectively, anywhere at anytime to lead a life in total Health, Harmony, Happiness & Well Being.
So, let us start practicing napping from today itself.

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