Myths and Facts of Addiction and Treatment

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

Addiction when happens, affects not only the individual but the family, friends and the whole community as well. No wonder, some people have developed negative feelings towards this disease, thus, creating general idea about addicts and rehab, most of which are baseless. For those who have not been there, or seen the addiction from close quarters, it is difficult to understand the terrible malady. Lack of experience, understanding and empathy has led to lots of myths being churned out about addiction and recovery. It is important to create awareness and dispel the myths, so that the recovering addicts will be accepted and treated with respect in the society.

Myth #1:

Once an addict, always an addict – Often people tend to believe that addiction cannot be given up entirely; someday, the addicts will go back to their old ways substance abuse trement florida. Of course, there have been cases where drug rehabilitation has failed, but, there are people who looked hopeless at one time, but went on to regain control of their lives and become famous after right intervention and family support.

Myth # 2

Addiction is lapse in character and weakness of will power – The myth has evolved from those people who do not want to share the responsibilities of rehabilitating the addicts; therefore, conveniently blame the addicts for their problem. Though, Drug addiction treatment Florida involves psychotherapy to boost the will power and confidence of the addict; that is not all of it. Addiction is a disease of brain which has a huge influence on all aspects of addict’s life. Driven by the chemical changes that have taken place overtime, the abuser loses all control of the character and will power. There is nothing they can do without the help from professionals after some stage.

Myth # 3

You are an addict because you choose to be one – True, the first time the addict had a choice of saying no, but once caught in the grip of addiction there is no choice as the brain undergoes dramatic changes which drives them compulsively towards intake of drugs/alcohol and more drugs/alcohol. Moreover, there have been instances where some situation or medical condition has caused the addiction.

Myth # 4

Addicts are criminals, immoral and stupid – Researches conducted have shown that most of drug users are high intellectuals, with good prospects for success in future, which was lost when the disease of addiction affected them. Crime rate is high among addicts, because they are desperate to get drugs at any cost, as the changes in the brain and body has made the abused substance most powerful motivation of their life. Once, out of addiction, they do not show any sign of being criminals, immoral or stupid.

Myth # 5

Addiction can be given up if they want to – Unfortunately this is not possible as the cravings are stronger any kind of will power. The rehabilitation comes from intense detoxification of the body, psycho-therapy and counseling, in addition to strict surveillance which is required to free the addict from the substance abuse. The withdrawals can be so severe, that without proper medical intervention it can prove to be fatal in some cases. Once drawn into addiction, there is nothing much an addict can do without proper intervention and support from family and society.

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