Motivation By Pleasure

Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

What exactly is motivation? Everyone uses it a lot and talks about it very often but let us just clear the air about motivation once so everyone knows what motivation actually is. Motivation is a fire that one feels inside which makes one do something. It makes us strive to achieve something and not falter in the process. However difficult or easy it may be, if motivation is missing, one really can't do much.

Motivation has to be strong enough for a person to do something. Setting a goal is simple but working towards it is difficult. Goals are generally hard to achieve. There will be many times during the process of working hard that we feel like giving up; there will be times when we simply cannot carry on further. At this point, motivation plays a key role in keeping you going. Motivation is indeed the key force that makes one keep working hard despite all the difficulties.

Motivation may come from many things. It may come from inspiration - inspirational books, speeches, movies, et cetera. Organizing and will power are also needed. One of the main factors for motivation is pleasure. Everyone loves rewards and little gifts. The prospect of getting something nice after finishing a task is sweet and endearing. This is what helps in most cases and thus, motivation from pleasure is the most successful kind of motivation.

Examples of motivation from pleasure can be seen mainly in offices and work places. Work can get super boring at times. Many are generally forced to work even though they aren't interested. But give them an incentive? Say, a bonus if a target is reached? See how that perks the employees up and how suddenly, out of nowhere, they show overwhelming interest in their work - all for that little bonus. Incentives are the motivating factors here and realizing what effect they have on their workers, employers use this as a strategy to create interest in their employees so that the employees work faster and better.

A stubborn child is given chocolates or things that he wants in return of studying well or topping the class in his exams. Those chocolates will motivate him to study hard and get good results because he wants that chocolate so bad. Parents are resorting to such techniques to get their children to study or do something that children aren't interested in.

Indeed, motivation in the form of pleasure is very successful and helpful thanks to the greedy beings that we are!

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