Motivation And Personality Interaction

Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

Those are unconscious motives; however there are other needs as well, such as self realization and desire to achieve certain goals. There is a reason or a motive to every action a person takes. Motivation is often a result of emotions a person has. When one is happy he perceives things in more positive way than when he is angry or unsatisfied. The way we look at things greatly influences our physical condition.

There are several different theories that give insight to what motivates people's actions. Besides being an instinctual one of survival, or drive theory, it is said that an arousal theory describes a person's level of motivation being directly proportional to the level deemed necessary for the activity. Different from drive theories that have their source in internal cues as the reason for motivating, there is a perspective that puts the emphasis not on the aspects that result in a certain motivation, but rather a motivation brought about in order to get something.
This expectancy theory focuses more on a desired outcome as being the motivation for an action. In the goal-setting theory, people are known to behave more productively when given a task to complete. As opposed to just working on something at one's own pace, when they have a goal, and receive opinions back regarding their progress, they are more likely to strive for completion. Other reasons for inciting certain behaviors include sexual, aggressive, and achievement motivation, or a desire to excel. This "desire to excel" has an impact on personal success and economic advantages when the members of a society possess the motivation to achieve greatness. Still there are others whose only motivation is the happiness they derive from doing whatever they love.

Knowing all of this, it seems clear to me that motivation varies depending on individual personality and perception. I do not think that one is more important than the other since each has a role in the processes of the development of one another. It is my opinion that the main goal for everyone is to find happiness in his or her lives. This happiness is achieved by factors that begin genetically, because a person with a sunny disposition is always going to fair better in life, but also include personality factors, and a direction or goal in life, and the means by which to achieve them.

As long as a person is successful in obtaining his dreams, he can relax because he has a feeling of integrity and control or balance in his life, and that is what ultimately brings happiness.

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