Money Mentalism - How Mind Power Can Make You Wealthy

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

The average person only gets a few chances to get lucky and be wealthy in life, and sometimes those chances do not even come. So today we see lots of people settling in average lives, with just enough money for their basic needs.

So what about that new car you’ve been eyeing? Or that new house for your family? Or that luxury vacation you’ve always dreamed of?

Thankfully, there is a way to rise up from being one of these average people. You can make yourself one of those few people who actually get more than just a little luck in this world. In fact, in a single day, you can invite around 5 moneymaking opportunities. Imagine how much good that would do to your savings and to your life? Now, you can make lots of money on a daily basis and finally be able to achieve those dreams of yours.

And all it takes is a simple shift in the way you think about money. If you fill your mind with positive thoughts about money, you can:

1. Control people and circumstances. Have you heard about the law of attraction? According to this law, you can make people and circumstances work for your benefit. All you have to do is put your mind to it and attract the reality you want using positive thoughts.

Once your mind is clearly focused on its goal, it will open up a clear pathway going to the destination you have in mind. It will change the course of your life, shift barriers out of the way, affect circumstances, and influence people, so that everything works in accordance with your goal.

2. Be spiritually confident in your abilities to earn money. Have you ever suffered from a feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness when it comes to earning money? Have you ever doubted your own abilities and competence to earn a lot of money? Some people do not earn money because they do not believe they deserve to.

If you want to invite money into your life, then you have to be confident about it. You have to be confident that you deserve it, and that you can do things that will bring money into your life.

Strong mental belief in your capacity to earn money can give you a deep spiritual confidence about money, so you never worry about it anymore. This deep confidence can make sure that you will never be set back by any negative talk you receive around you. Even as the world goes haywire due to the economic downturn, your inner financial confidence will come through and give off positive vibes at all times.

3. Attract opportunities every day. Positive thoughts about money and wealth can also help attract more opportunities into your life on a daily basis. More opportunities means more profits. Experts have not really been able to show any concrete proof of how positive thoughts make positive results manifest in a person’s life, but the law of attraction has proven itself effective in many lives, making millionaires out of many formerly average people.

Be one of these newfound millionaires and start thinking positively and enjoying opportunities today!


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