Money and the Law of Attraction and Its Relation to Wealth, Happiness and Health

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Does life sometimes unfair? Were you feeling tired of doing your best and yet you still feel it is not enough? Were you feeling dismayed by everything that is happening in your life? Were you blaming fate for your difficulties? Were you thinking that money is the solution to everything? Money and the law of attraction will help you understand that law of attraction is not all about money, it is not all about how to be rich however it is all about how to prosper and develop in all aspects of life.

Wealth, happiness, and health are the important things to consider for us to be able to say that we are really prosperous and successful in life. Money and the law of attraction want us to realize that being truly prosperous is not all about how much you have in your pocket but how fulfilled you are in your life as a person.

• Wealth

Money and the law of attraction is obviously related to wealth because if we do have money we can provide the things that we need in life. Being wealthy means to have plenty, having plenty means you will be able to have what you need at the same time what you want. Money and the law of attraction awaken us that money is not the source of evil or happiness, everything depends on the person itself. If he/she is overpowered by money then that is the time that he/she can commit and do things that is not acceptable, on the other hand, money is not the source of happiness, I will give you a very concrete example, for example, your dad met a car accident and he died, the driver of the car will offer a million pesos in exchange of your father’s life, would you accept it? If you will accept it, would you be really happy? Wealth is connected in money and the law of attraction because part of our success is wealth, we attract positive things for good fortune to come its way, and partly money goes with it. One basis of being wealthy is that the person can provide his/her basic needs, how can he/she provide without money?

• Happiness

Happiness is the state of being happy; it is all about being optimistic despite all odds. It is related to money and the law of attraction because we can only be able to attract positive things if we are happy in our lives, come to think of it, how can a very moody man attract customers to eat in his restaurant if he has always that gloomy and miserable face? Happiness is in the state of mind, a person can be happy despite some circumstances and difficulties; it is just a matter of seeing the brighter side of every situation. Money and the law of attraction want us to realize that happiness is not all about having everything in life; it is all about being happy and glad about life despite its uncertainties. The law is a wake-up call for us to know that being happy is one way of encouragement to ourselves saying hey, whatever problems you have now, smile, everything will turn out right.

• Health

Money and the law of attraction are related to health because obviously for us to be able to materialize what we want to achieve we must move and act however if the person is not physically and emotionally healthy he can never start. For instance, if a person wants to work abroad but he found out that he is ill apparently he will not be allowed to out of the country and this plan will not materialize, second if the person is not emotionally stable to start a business because he/she is full of fear and doubts about himself then he will not be able to take any step forward. For a person to become really prosperous he/she must be healthy in all aspects because life is not easy, it is full of hardships and pain.

The three aspects shown above are all related to money and the law of attraction, law of attraction is an umbrella of all the aspects in our lives, we may sometimes think that knowing about money and the law of attraction is useless but as you live your life you will appreciate its significance and importance to the nature of human being.


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