Mindset - What Makes People Successful?

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

What makes people successful? What is it that separates the ordinary Joe Bloggs from the entrepreneurial spirited individuals like Richard Branson or Donald Trump? The difference is simple to see for these successful people but so much harder for people trying to reach the top. It is important to note that success does not just happen. It is the consequence of several different actions being put into motion. Not until these actions have been put into place do you obtain the success you feel you deserve. Whether you measure success in monetary, time freedom or celebrity terms, they all require the same ingredient. The right psychological state. Here are some tips to get you on your way.

Find your motive It is said that money will not come to you without a good reason to do so. You need to find that reason. Every successful person has a reason why they want to be successful. Whether this is their family, a nice car and lifestyle or the celebrity status. Regardless of what it is these people have SOMETHING that drives them to work hard and only settle for one thing - the best.

Supersize your goals We all know (or should do!) how important setting some personal and professional goals are. It is also important to remember that the bigger your goals the smaller your problems will look. You need to make your goals so big, so inspiring and important that they make your problems and obstacles shrink into insignificance.

NEED. Don't WANT It is natural if you want something that you will hope for it. Don't get me wrong, if you want something you will probably work hard to get it. The difference is, if you NEED something, you will donate every breathe in your body to achieve it. To reach success you have to need it, not want it.

Overcome your fears - We all get afraid of doing something outside our comfort zone. The truly successful achieve despite their fears. You need to work out how you will do it and then TAKE ACTION to achieve it. Do not hesitate. Do not wait. Do it now.

Lastly, consider this. What is the definition of hell? It is, in ten years time, meeting the person you could have been. Imagine the regret you would feel. Now imagine what you would say to the person you are now. Use this to take action now. To drive yourself onto the next level and eventually onto success that you deserve.

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