Mind Hypnosis

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Our minds are a wonder of the universe. There is so much that are minds are capable, to create beautiful and wonderful things. There are times when our minds tend to think a little differently than we might want them to. Everything that we think and every action we perform originates from our brains. A tool to change a thought, habit or behavior can be used with mind hypnosis therapy.
Hypnosis is a natural process; think about when you are reading a good book, totally involved in a movie or concentrating so hard on homework or playing an instrument that you are not aware of your surroundings. When this occurs, you are actually in a state of hypnosis; you are focused on what you are doing and nothing else.
Mind Hypnosis Methods
There are different methods for hypnotic sessions although each are basically the same. There is the traditional, the Ericksonian Hypnosis, and the Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques (also called NLP). Each one involves relaxation, scripts of course the necessary visualization but each one accesses that inner voice and works with it a little differently.
For the mind hypnosis may not be a real thing but it is. Hypnosis helps a person to find there most inner self and work with it, show it what you want to do and convince it to go with a new plan. People who will generally accept what is being told to them, the traditional method is perfect. The relaxation comes easy and the scripts can easily create images to visualize the issue and go right to the goal.
For Critical Thinkers
For others who are more critical thinkers, the Hericksonian Hypnosis uses metaphors (Isomorphic and Interspersal). Isomorphic presents a direction with story that has a moral; the Interspersal has an embedded command which is presented in a story that engages the mind, specifically the subconscious. This is a wonderful way to engage mind hypnosis on this unique mind that requires picking apart issues and finding a better solution.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming uses patterns along with feelings and emotions that the mind will piece together to create motivation to achieve a desired goal. There are several NLP techniques that can be used and these are the NLP Anchoring, NLP Flash and the NLP Reframe. The NLP Anchoring uses something that conjures memories, NLP Flash turns things around to reverse experiences and thoughts and NLP Reframe is to simply change ones behavior.
Your Mind
Your mind is a very powerful tool that keeps a zillion pieces of information stored; much of the information can't be retrieved at a whim but your actions, emotions and thoughts show that it's there. What you think about during the day, the knowledge you use to move from one task to another is the work of your conscious mind. Sometimes you hear that little voice telling you something isn't right or to do something differently than what you are actually doing is the subconscious bringing out those rarely used bits of information and telling you to do something differently.
The therapeutic processes of mind hypnosis have been used for generations. The sessions have helped thousands of people from all walks of life. Hypnosis works to get underneath the covers, straighten out the sheets and make the bed with the pillows in place.

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