Mind Control Techniques For You - To Live in Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

Many people wonder that they have lot of wealth, power and position, but are lacking freshness in the physical and mental life. It is affecting their business, so they are worried and unhappy. They have no interest in spirituality, but want to buy some mind control technique to live in spiritual happiness. They are to manage their large companies and can not spare time in reading E-books or attending spirituality sessions.

Many of these people come to me. Repeated question is to tell us," How they can buy happiness and some mind control technique, which is free from attending any spirituality classes and /or reading holy scriptures and e-books of spirituality masters.

General nature of people is to live a life in subconscious mind lost in four major misconceptions. They carry out mistaking thoughts about many objects as permanent, which are actually transitory. They also carry out mistaking thoughts about many objects and subjects as source of purity giver in mind, which in fact causes impurity in mind. Third mistaking habit of such peoples is to consider many objects and subjects as donor of happiness in mind, which in fact are root cause of unhappiness. They consider seeing, hearing, tasting of many objects and subjects with illusionary senses of individual life as real life in consciousness.

If you learn the art to truly understand and control your senses and how they are effecting your thoughts in simple mind through meditation for a few minutes each day and regularly or as and when in trouble, most symptoms of unhappiness, even in the worst physical situation of life disappear. Wealth, power and position are transitory sources of happiness. It you become attached to its thought in mind, fear of a situation of losing it, instantly fix you in in sadness. Enjoy wealth, power and position considering, these also increases impurity of egoism in mind and are not permanent source of enjoyment and also have no connection to your real life in consciousness mind that is devoid of all intelligent thought.
Confusing temporary objects or subjects as permanent in thoughts, impure subjects as pure in thoughts, the giver of pain as the giver of pleasure in mind and the false personality as true self, this mind control cause unhappiness in most people.

Everyone in the world, including your physical body and mind thoughts that are changing quickly, have no correlation to the real self in consciousness. Any mistaken relationship with the physical world is always annoying in sub-conscientious. Deep meditation makes you to experience and witness this fact. Those who mistakenly disagree are bound to be afraid of the future and sad.

Consider your physical body is an instrument of mind control and all its actions are under the control of the mind. To keep your physical body in happiness, good food and sleep is more necessary. To keep your mind in happiness, controlling impurity in thoughts and egoism by regular meditation is more necessary. If you care more about your business wealth, power and position your health of physical body and impurity of greed and egoism is bound to make unhappy. In this case, you are tot live with the disease in the body and the spirit of evil.

It is mistaken thinking that more wealth, power and position mean more happiness. Rather, these reduce the percentage of calmness and pleasure in mind. A recent survey found that the average person in the United States live in the more happiness than its high rich people. People on average in India, which have fewer sources of wealth and luxury living are living in more happiness than the ordinary people in the United States. If you happen to visit Himalayas mountain in India, You can witness many unknown sages, who have no wealth, fame or position, but they live with mountains of happiness in their life.
Monitoring techniques of mind - to just to live in spiritual happiness

One day I sat in meditation before the sculpture of my physical body, from birth to death and I was feel my physical body are very ephemeral and false life. My mind control was fixed in listening to internal vibrations of the subtle life in happiness. I was observing my many likes and dislikes in many objects and subjects are transient and changing every day. I was observing that how my physical body and the world is nuisance to eternal happiness in subtle life.

A caller who came to learn the techniques of mind control and to live in spiritual happiness was afraid of seeing me dead in the physical body of the sculpture. I told him to make, similar mediation practice daily at home and I guarantee him Refreshing and happiness in his life. To do this meditation for several days initially can be difficult. Thereafter, this mind control technique will start caring for your physical live in Happiness itself. You will get the inner strength to live in happiness in all situations, including at real death time.


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