Mind, Body and Voice Miraculous Throat Cancer Recovery

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


Diana, I am amazed: the doctors - the experts just keep saying 'nothing can be done, be happy for what you have left' and they're wrong. You have proved them wrong with your vocal approach - Tim Bristol, a throat cancer survivor of Niagara Falls, New York.
Tim Bristol, a professional musician and singer for the last 40 years was, unfortunately, diagnosed with tonsil cancer. He was given a choice to undergo quite extensive chemo and radiation therapy, or otherwise, it could have endangered his life. He chose the former, but then he was experiencing the side effects of such therapy.
He lost his salivary glands, his throat was always dry and his voice was drawn in a very low position and sounded raspy and hoarse when he first came for his non-surgical voice repair sessions. Also, he lost nerve endings on the tips of his fingers, which was very crucial for his career as a musician/guitar player.
The doctors congratulated him on being alive and conquering his cancer and did not want to hear any of his complaints with regard to the above. His mind, however, was very strong and his will to recover his professional craft was unshakable. Via my special speaking and singing exercises and natural herbs and remedies treatment, I was able to recover Tim's voice in a super-fast manner.
He arrived on his first session with me on one of the Wednesdays and, already by Friday of the same week, he was singing in our local Karaoke place to everybody's amusement.
They were asking me why I was hiding such a good singer from them and had never introduced him to them before.
I tried to explain that he came from the US only for a few days for non-surgical voice repair sessions with me, but they had no listening to that, as for them, it was quite unbelievable that he could hardly speak, let along sing, just a couple of days ago.
One more miracle, amongst many, has been produced!
That said, if you have a strong mind and complete determination to recover your voice or conquer any other physical problem for that matter, your body will eventually listen to you, providing that the correlation between mind, body, voice, and, of course, the soul is very sound and in sync.
You obviously have to be given positive affirmation by your mentor/healer and definitely the proper directions/instructions on how to access your inner resources and make your body heal itself.
One more victory!
One more champion!
Way to go, Tim!
You are an inspiration to others.

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