Metaphysical Mind Body Spirit Balance

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


Here we are going to discuss how to get the best metaphysical mind body spirit balance.

The is a lot you can do about gaining mind, body, and spirit balance. It is also called metaphysical balance. To live a healthy lifestyle requires more than material needs. We have to look at the mind and spirit in addition to the body. If wish to know how to achieve this empowered state of being read on.

Metaphysical empowerment uses mind spirit methods to gain energy and to combat the negative people in life. Read the following techniques and see what resonates with you. Then pick one and try it our for few weeks. After you have mastered one method, and know it well, move on to the next one.

In metaphysics we use positive energy from many sources. It is here we can find the keys to inner growth and mind, body, and spirit balance.

Mind: Our mental faculties, when properly used, are extremely powerful. Reading is a good habit to maintain to exercise the mental faculties.

By caring for our body we can produce stronger thoughtforms which manifest quicker in our lives. An energized body gives thoughts more power.

The friends we associate with influence us more than we realize. Good friends, associates as we call them, have an energy and we are all affected by this kind of energy.

A person carries around with them am unseen vibration that we can feel. It is the energy of their aura you can feel. You can really feel this energy. It is either positive or negative in feeling.

Body: A healthy body is one of the greatest blessings on earth. We can eat pure food, drink enough water, and breath in clean air.

From a metaphysical point of view, by eating foods high in life force we then in turn raise our spiritual energy.

Our mind and body are connected. It is a fact each influences the other. We need all all round approach to empower each area. Often overlooked in many esoteric practices is the fact the mind and body work in synchrony.

Herbal teas and wearing crystals take our metaphysical energy one step forward.

Spirit: We can empower our spirit with spiritual practices. Prayer, meditation, and caring for others develops our metaphysical inner resources.

The power of mantra and silence allows our spirit to expand. By caring for others we are exposed to our inner dark shadow and begin to process our inner weakness. We gain by eliminating our bad points of character.

To aid our spirit we can look at our soul at a deeper level.

Past lives do in fact influence the present life. A psychic past life reading can give you insight into past lives here on earth. Reincarnation is an established fact by many religions of the East. Our past lives have an energy and this energy affects us in the present life.

Think of using a past life psychic reading to help clear away negative energy caused by bad experiences of past lives and begin to clear away the past.





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