A Message To Couples


Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Invite your spouse out on a date.Even if it is just for coffee, take them to a place that holds memories for the two of you.
Ask your spouse to buy you an outfit and them wear it that evening.

Rent a romantic video and cuddle.

Rend a room in a hotel in your city just for a day.

Recreate something you did when you first dated each other.

Share a desert with one fork.

Spend the whole meal only talking about what you like about each other.

Take walks together after dinner even if it is just once around the colony.

The Long Haul

Treat your partner as you would your boss, friend, colleague. Be polite, Just because you are married doesn’t mean you can say whatever you wand. Do not forget your Ps and Qs.

Do the unexpected and be thoughtful.

Pay attention to your appearance. Dress nicely Get into shape

Spend time together alone. Even if you have to schedule it, do so. But make sure you get some ‘us’ time every week.

Always look for ways to compliment your partner.

Hug when you say hello and goodbye. It feel good and makes anyone feel loved.

When you partner walks in after a long day at work, greet them at the door with a hug. And ask them about their day. And listen when they talk.

During dinner, turn the TV off. Have a conversation instead. One that involves eye contact.

Make a list of your spouse’s positive qualities. Share them with him and tell her why you thing each is true. Ask them to do the same for you.

Respect each other’s private space.

Start doing fun, pleasant things together. Share outdoor activities jigsaws, cycling etc.

Do something long-term together. Like a dance lesson, reaching your fitness foals etc.

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