Mental Health Continuing Education Sources

Dr. Purushothaman
November 30, 2013

When you find that you need to start pursuing mental health continuing education, finding the right courses, seminars, or programs to earn the necessary credits can become challenging. Often you learn of seminars or courses covering the topics you need further training in after they have already filled. If you wish to stay current on the courses and seminars in your area, here are some sources you need to get to know well.

Professional Organizations

Are you a member of the appropriate professional organization for your career? For instance, have you joined the American Psychotherapy Association, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, or the American Psychiatric Association? Organizations such as these, and others more specifically tailored to the various branches in the field, all send out publications and magazines that, among other things, announce upcoming training opportunities.

The more professional organizations you join, the more likely it will be that you will know when the training you want to access comes your way. Be sure to find the organizations at your state level as well, as these will be more likely to have information about credit-earning opportunities close to your home and clinic.

Professional Magazines

Sometimes announcements about mental health continuing education are made in professional periodicals in the field. If a popular speaker is coming to your general area, you may read about it in your favorite professional magazine. Subscribe to several of these, and take the time to read or at least skim through them to ensure that you do not miss one of theses important announcements.

Professional Colleagues

While other mental health professionals in your area may seem like your competition, you are all on the same page, looking to make your patients as healthy as possible. Make connections with other professionals in your area, and draw on them as a source to learn about upcoming seminars and classes within a comfortable driving distance.

Online Sources

When all else fails and you need to know about your options for mental health continuing education, turn to the Internet. A simple web search could yield a vast wealth of information about upcoming training events. You can also participate in forums that discuss your options for training. If there is a seminar you could attend, they likely have a website you will find by spending some time online.

Your Alma Mater

Do you live near the university or medical school where you were trained? Contact them to learn about training opportunities. You may be able to take a course or two through the school, or you may learn of speakers they are lining up for weekend conferences. Either way, you will benefit from first-hand knowledge of the opportunities at your disposal.

When you do find an option for mental health continuing education through one of these venues, sign up quickly. You will find that the hottest speakers and best topics fill up quickly. The sooner you sign up, the more likely it will be that you will find room in the class for you.

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