Meditation Techniques for Beginners Increase the Power of your Concentration

Dr. Purushothaman
October 10, 2013

Life is a roller coaster ride. Everyday’s routine work has made us work like a robot. It leads to immense stress and tension in life and hence people cannot concentrate on their work that they are supposed to do. They also cannot sleep properly at nights and find it difficult to concentrate on next day’s work. That is why meditation is very important. At first people find it difficult to execute it since it requires a lot of concentration and will power. Therefore, there are certain meditation techniques for beginners, which relieve your mind and body of the rigors of contemporary life and everyday’s strain.

In today’s life every person is looking for a peace of mind and wants to do away with the worldly pressures with the help of external sources like watching television, by medication and by consuming alcohol. All these sources are harmful for the body. Watching television continuously affects your eyesight. Intake of sleeping pills makes you addicted and you suffer from certain side effects. Alcohol is injurious to your body as it intoxicates your mind. What is left with you now is to meditate so that your concentration power gets increased and you become tension and stress free.

For a start, there are easy and simple meditation techniques for beginners. If you follow these techniques, you need not hire any yoga instructor personally and can save your money. Most of these techniques include breathing exercises, listening to any compact disc at your residence and so on. Once you master these ways, you can easily move ahead to learn the advanced type of meditation techniques.

Some easy meditation techniques for beginners

Focused and attentive breathing exercises - This is one of the easiest meditation techniques for beginners. One who just starts practicing meditation can do this breathing exercise. This is nothing but pranayama. At first you have to sit comfortably on a chair, or on your bed or anywhere. You can lean backwards or lie down. Now begin breathing from your nose, keeping your eyes closed. By inhaling and exhaling air, you reach to a good meditative state. If you do it daily, at least once, you can concentrate on anything you do.

Guided Meditation â€" This is one of the most common meditation techniques for beginners. This is extremely easy to carry out. You just have to insert a meditation CD in your audio player and listen to it carefully. These CDs generate soothing music, which is indeed relaxing. The guide speaks to you and you have to follow the steps carefully and thereby reach a meditative state.

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