Meditation And Its Effects On Mind Body And Spirit

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


For anyone who meditates, they know that it is a seriously life changing practice. Meditation can: increase your life span, improve your health, reverse signs of ageing, boost brain function, increase performance, make you happier, bring you peace, give you greater insight and give you greater control over your life to achieve the success you want. Meditation reveals the truth of things and enables you to manifest the life you want.
It sounds to good to be true, but it is well known that all the great sages known through history used meditation to actualize their potential and reach the great heights that they did. What is also true is that we now live in an age where the secret power of meditation is no longer hidden from ordinary folks. And for anyone who seriously wants to step up his or her life, meditation is a way. Easy right? Well yes and no. It is true that meditation is a discipline, and dedication to it brings tremendous rewards. But, like any discipline, meditation takes time to master.
The mind is constantly busy with what I call mental noise. Without even realising it, it is running a constant stream of thoughts to our subconscious mind. The trouble with this is that, for most of us, the thoughts tend to be around stressors and negatives in our lives, and because the brain keeps running these thought without thinking about it, it literally becomes addicted to these thoughts, and in turn these thoughts create more stressors, which in turn feeds these negative thought patterns again. Its not that we want to think these things, they cause us pain, but our brains have become patterned to these thoughts and has no other 'programme' to run - unless we give it one.
Now trying to change our programming is very hard to say the least. This is where meditation comes in. Meditation will literally wipe out those programmes. In time, your mind will become tranquil, and with that tranquillity your life, as you know it, will change. You will become attuned to the real you. You will be on your way to actualising your greatest potential.
Now I know this may seem like a grand statement, but I promise you, it is true. Since meditating regularly, my life has literally opened up. I possess a calm I never thought I would have. This benefit alone is enough, but this is just the beginning. It is as if the doors of possibility have swung open right in front of me and life is presenting to me on a whole new level. I am realising I can have exactly what I want now.
I also realise that the idea of sitting quietly for an hour a day might seem impossible to some. For me it took quiet a long time to actually dedicate myself to it as a discipline. But since doing so, I have come across a new meditation technique that makes the benefits of meditation so much easier to achieve and it has to do with certain sound frequencies. Without getting too technical, the benefits of meditation are a result of the brain being conditioned into certain brain wave states and what science has discovered is that the brain can be entrained to enter into these brainwave states by certain sound frequencies, otherwise known as binaural beats.
The scientific term for this is Brainwave Entrainment and it is basically meditation made easy with all the benefits of disciplined meditation. Brainwave Entrainment (binaural beats) put you into deeply relaxing meditative states (alpha, theta and delta) and it is in these brainwave states that the mind is reconditioned to the benefit of the listener as follows:
PHYSICAL/HEALTH BENEFITS: It 'grows' the brain by thickening the connections between the corpus callosum. It lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, reduces metabolic rate, boosts the immune system, smoothes the skin, and releases youth hormones DHEA and Melatonin, while reducing the degenerative hormone Cortisol.
MENTAL/EMOTIONAL BENEFITS: Most people's brains work in mono, meaning that one side of the brain dominates, but by increasing the connections between the two hemispheres through meditation or brain entrainment, the brain actually begins to work in stereo. It is believed that the brains of the world's greatest thinkers worked in this way. By causing the brain to dip into Alpha, Theta and Delta states more frequently, mental clarity peaks, creative thinking is enhanced, as is intuition. Through regular use stereoscopic brain functioning puts one into peak performance states by getting the two sides of the brain to work together rather than individually. Fortune 100 companies, leading world minds and NASA are all known to use brain entrainment to engage peak performance levels. A relaxed mind causes a sense of well being, mental stress subsides, mental clarity increases. It causes the mind to calm down, become clear, and can even bring about a sense of elation. This is the optimal state for succeeding in whatever you are focused on. This is key, for focus is the key to changing your life, and brain entrainment and meditation train the brain to become more focused.
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